New #shortstory: OUT ON A LIMB @vocal_creators

Ciao, amici! I did it. Eight stories in eight weeks. I wasn’t sure I had it in me.

This week’s theme was to write a story featuring a pear tree. There were a few times during this challenge that ideas were sparse. The bull was one of those times. So was the green light. The frozen pond was a third. I had eight weeks to come up with something for a pear tree, and I think it was the hardest of them all. That’s right; fifty percent of the topics stymied me, and most were on the back half. You’d think with all that time, they’d have been the easiest. Nope, they were the most difficult.

When all was said and done, though, I think I might like this one best. It’s not my best work. But it actually has an important message. And that matters to me.

This, like the last one, is not light-hearted. But it is important. I hope it leaves an impression on you.

Once again, a quick reminder: The entries are judged by a qualified panel, but if there’s a tie, votes are the tie-breaker, so if you click the [♡] button, you might be doing me a favor.

If you’re interested in reading this week’s story (Out on a Limb), you can find it here.

If you missed any of my stories and would like to read them, you can check out my full Vocal library here.

And if you’re considering becoming a content creator on Vocal, I hope you’ll consider using my referral link, which earns me a small stipend and a lot of good will.

As always, I appreciate the support, and if you read the story, I hope you enjoy it. Grazie!

44 thoughts on “New #shortstory: OUT ON A LIMB @vocal_creators

  1. I love this story, Staci, but felt so sorry for Sophia. I wanted so badly for Dani to get what she had coming to her. Mean girl behavior seems to be the popular way to be these days. I feel for my granddaughters.

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    • One is fine. (Or two, if you’re so inclined. lol)

      Thanks, Tessa. It was a time commitment. And some of the topics really were difficult for me. I’m glad to have it behind me. And, all told, pleased that I completed the challenge.

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  2. Well-written and heart-breaking, your story’s message is one most women can relate to. Maybe there’s actually a positive side to COVID. Because of it, we’ve begun to see life differently — in its brevity and its fragility. Maybe we’ll emerge from this nightmare as kinder, more loving humans — and all the Sophias will experience their inherent beauty. 💗

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    • I hope there’s a kinder humanity on the other side of this pandemic. Fingers crossed the Sophias of the world can see themselves (and everybody else) for who they really are. Thanks, Gwen. 💕


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