New #shortstory: DAD’S ANNUAL LIGHT WAR @vocal_creators

Ciao, amici! We’re on week six of the eight-week challenge. The end is in sight! And I’m still keeping up with things, despite the topics getting more difficult for me.

This week’s theme was to write a story featuring a green light. Several options popped into mind, from Green Lantern (which I assumed would land me in some kind of copyright trouble) to traffic signals. Nothing appealed to me. Then, inspiration struck. When all else fails, turn to family. This story is inspired by memories of childhood Christmases.

Once again, a quick reminder: The entries are judged by a qualified panel, but if there’s a tie, votes are the tie-breaker, so if you click the [β™‘] button, you might be doing me a favor.

If you’re interested in reading this week’s story (Dad’s Annual Light War), you can find it here.

If you missed any of my stories and would like to read them, you can check out my full Vocal library here.

And if you’re considering becoming a content creator on Vocal, I hope you’ll consider using my referral link, which earns me a small stipend and a lot of good will.

As always, I appreciate the support, and if you read the story, I hope you enjoy it. Grazie!

40 thoughts on “New #shortstory: DAD’S ANNUAL LIGHT WAR @vocal_creators

  1. that was my favorite of your stories in this challenge, so far. I loved how you weaved in the various cookies throughout, and the dialogue was clever and heartwarming. there’s nothing like family traditions. and now I want some cookies!

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  2. Loved that story, Staci. It brought back so many memories–both as a kid, when my dad would struggle getting the live tree in a stand, then as an adult with hubby doing the same. And the lights? LOL! You’ve captured everything perfectly!

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  3. You picked a topic that I think everyone can relate to. I remember hours upon hours of trying to find the one little bulb that caused all the others to go out. Thank goodness they finally came out with strands that would all go out if one did. πŸ™‚ Great story, Staci. I left a heart!

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