Introducing D.L. Finn and Her #NewRelease, Tree Fairies #kidlit

Ciao, amici! Today, I’m so happy to have back on the blog a friend who doesn’t visit nearly often enough. Still, I hope you recognize her. If you don’t, you’ve been missing out on one of the kindest souls and most generous bloggers I know. Not to mention a truly gifted poet and fiction writer. Please help me give D.L. Finn a warm welcome as she talks to us about her latest release, Tree Fairies. Take it away, Denise!

Thank you, Staci, for having me here today to share the news of my latest children’s book release, “Tree Fairies and Their Short Stories.”

In the short story, “Roselle” the young fairy has a paper to write for school. I had to think about what she was going to put her work on, because putting it on paper made from trees didn’t seem right because of their relationship with the Wise Trees. I researched how paper is made and almost went with ground stone, but then switched to what was easily available. Her paper ended up being made from recycled garbage, leaves, and the most important thing—a bit of magic.

When Roselle is writing her paper, a dragonfly makes an appearance. Since she talked to it, I needed to learn some dragonfly facts. In a dragonfly’s larval stage, they live in the water. When they climb out of the water, their exoskeleton opens and a new slender body and wings emerge. One important fact was dragonflies don’t hear well, but they make up for it with their keen eyesight. So Roselle decided the dragonfly might read her lips instead of listening to her.

I enjoy watching the dragonflies in our garden. One time my grandson saved a dragonfly from a spiderweb. That dragonfly followed me around every time I went outside for weeks after that. I like to believe it was grateful for not being on the spider’s menu, and I know the fairies approved.

Fun Finn Facts

1. I feel at home living in a forest but miss the ocean.

2. There is an abundance of positive energy on the trail I walk on. Therefore, it’s called the Magical Trail.


When reality and magic meet in the forest

It’s 1969, and twelve-year-old Daniel Burns is camping in the redwood forest with his family. Danny wants to listen to his music and read, but his family has other plans. S’mores around the campfire and stories end their first day. The family is sleeping soundly in their secluded tent when Danny wakes up and finds his sister, Colette, is missing. Assuming she went to use the outhouse, he goes after her. When he finds his sister, they discover there is a thin veil between reality and fantasy.

Two bonus short stories offer a glimpse into the magical world that finds Danny and Colette. These hidden beings not only share our world but have a role in protecting their forest.




Roselle stopped midair to admire the pink, orange, yellow, purple, and red that filtered through the redwood forest as the sunset. She carefully scanned the area to make sure no one was watching, and then, with a huge grin, she dove into a double roll.


Her twirling skidded to a halt when an older fairy from the school office flew directly under her. Her always-braided gray hair had yellow flowers woven in like she was meeting someone special. The fairy made a sharp turn and shot out of sight without acknowledging Roselle’s childish frolicking.

Roselle couldn’t hold back a smile. It was hard to contain her exuberance because the forest was the best place to live. Everything about the redwood trees was amazing. They made tannin, a natural insect repellent that gave them that wonderful red tone and protected them from fires.

The only downside to a smaller number of insects was fewer birds, which she loved the most. The bright yellow Wilson’s warbler was her favorite. They added so much color to the deep green forest, and the male had a little black cap that she found endearing. Right now, her warblers and many others were on their way south as fall left summer behind, which also meant they would have winter bird visitors soon.

She found the year-round birds, the great horned owl and red-tailed hawk, beautiful but annoying. Those birds could ruin a peaceful moment like this. Both seemed to forget fairies weren’t their meals. Roselle reminded them with a powerful jolt that felt like a mini lightning strike. It didn’t hurt them, but they didn’t like it, either.

Her carefree moment quickly passed when she flew by her school. She sighed deeply and headed for the forest floor. “Darn paper’s due tomorrow. Why did I wait to write it?”

The paper stood between her and the upcoming fall break. It was normally a time when she could roam the forest uninterrupted and take in the deciduous trees as they burst into red, orange, and yellow. However, this break wouldn’t be the same without her human friends Wren and Sierra. Roselle missed their company and all their silly jokes, including the ones about her putting off getting things done.

Sierra would say, “If they had an award for procrastination, you’d win first place.”

Wren would add, “But you’d be late and miss the ceremony.”

Okay, maybe she put things off until the last moment and might be late for school now and then, but at least, at some point, it all got done. When Wren and Sierra left for college two months ago, it was like she lost a part of herself.


About Denise:

D. L. Finn is an independent California local who encourages everyone to embrace their inner child. She was born and raised in the foggy Bay Area, but in 1990 she relocated with her husband, kids, dogs, and cats to Nevada City, in the Sierra foothills. She immersed herself in reading all types of books but especially loved romance, horror, and fantasy. She always treasured creating her own reality on paper. Finally, surrounded by towering pines, oaks, and cedars, her creativity was nurtured until it bloomed. Her creations include adult fiction, poetry, a unique autobiography, and children’s books. She continues on her adventure with an open invitation to all readers to join her.

D.L. Finn Links: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Blog

That post has a smile on my face and wings lifting my spirit. Who doesn’t want to believe in the magic of fairies and the beauty of nature?

Won’t you join me in wishing Denise all the best with her new release? And if you’re so inclined, click those links up above. Much appreciated. Saluti!

71 thoughts on “Introducing D.L. Finn and Her #NewRelease, Tree Fairies #kidlit

  1. Loved learning about dragonflies, Denise! I had no idea they couldn’t hear well. We have one — named Chopper — who hangs out near our pond and will often do fly-bys past my office window. Love that little dude. This year, I’ve spotted mini-Choppers, so apparently he found he mate. Aww…

    My middle granddaughter might enjoy this book. What’s the target age? She’s six.

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  2. Great to see Denise here, Staci. Denise, I’ve seen your photos of the area in which you live, and it’s beautiful. I can see why you enjoy hiking so much. All the best with the new release! Thank you for sharing, Staci!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Thank you, Teri:) I learned a lot about them too! It was so cool that one followed me around. He’d wait on the deck railing while I watered and then go to the other side of the house where I finished.

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  4. I knew nothing about dragonflies until I read this, Denise – and that’s so cool that your grandson rescued one and then followed you around. Seems like he was very grateful, lol. Best wishes with you new release!

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  5. Another lovely post on the Tree Fairies! Thank you, Staci, for shining the spotlight on Denise and her latest children’s book. And, a BIG congratulations to Denise! Bravo! ✨🎉✨

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  6. I love that you took the time to research alternate ways to make paper other than from trees, Denise. That just shows your attention to detail. What a delightful excerpt! I look forward to reading this book soon! Thank you, Staci, for hosting!

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  7. This was such a fun post and another enchanting tour stop for Denise. I love dragonflies. They visit my pool ever summer. 🙂

    Loved the excerpt, and the the delight in nature that is woven into every tour post. Congratulations to Denise.

    Great hosting, as always, Staci!

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  9. Thank you, Staci! I’m thrilled to be visiting again 🙂 You have such a warm and welcoming blog. I feel right at home. I’m glad your inner child is smiling and the fairy’s wings lifted you! xo

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