Jacquie Biggar’s VIRTUALLY GONE #bookreview #thriller

Ciao, amici! I’ve got another review to share. This one’s by Jacquie Biggar. It’s a fast read, but it packs quite a punch.

My review:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Quick to read, long on my mind

Jacquie Biggar has done it again. Not that I’m surprised. This author not only never fails to entertain me, she does it with characters that burrow their way into my heart and take up permanent residence.

This is book six of the series, but I didn’t read all of the prior works and was able to follow the threads with no trouble, which is a testament to the author’s writing chops. She gave us just enough backstory to make sense of everyone’s history without weighing down the pacing.

The characters are compelling people. Flawed, but not too damaged. Certainly not trite or stereotypical. I felt she did an exceptionally good job making me feel for Julie, who is a widow learning to move on, and for Matthew, who never found justice for his sister and is working a case that hits painfully close to home. Juxtaposing these two with the arrogant villain was masterfully executed.

The dialogue was snappy, the plot was well-crafted, the pacing was tight. This story was a thrill ride from the first word to the last. If I had any complaint, it’s that it was over too fast. I could have spent a lot more time with these characters. I guess it’s lucky for me that this is a series!

Virtually Gone is a fast read that’s going to stay with me for quite a while. Five easy, well-deserved stars.

If you’ve got questions or comments about this story or genre, I’d love to hear from you. Let’s talk below. Grazie!

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