Sue Coletta’s I AM MAYHEM #bookreview #thriller #womensleuths

Ciao, amici! I’m so excited today! I got a sneak peek at Sue Coletta’s upcoming release, I Am Mayhem, book four of her Mayhem series. Don’t ask me how I got so lucky, but I did.

Sue will be here on the fifteenth to talk about the book, but I’m going to steal a little of her thunder today to review it first. (Sorry. My blog, my rules. I can’t help myself.)

My review:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

It Keeps Getting Better!

Talk about an edge of your seat thrill ride. The Mayhem series by Sue Coletta starts with a scene that had my stomach in knots and my heart in my throat, and I don’t think I caught my breath until I read the last word.

Scratch that. I still haven’t.

I Am Mayhem picks up where book three, Silent Mayhem, left off. We revisit our favorite characters and meet a few new ones, one of whom becomes near and dear to my heart the second he hits the page. 

We learn so much more about Shawnee’s past—both about her family and her culture. It’s a fascinating look at indigenous history and at the “nature versus nurture” debate. How much of who we are is a product of our circumstances and how much is a circumstance of our birth? Shawnee is a compelling character study that makes us ponder the answer to those questions, particularly at the final showdown. And what a climax it is. I was on the edge of my seat as I raced to the ending.

This book could stand as a finale to the series but it also leaves the door open for more. I really hope the author keeps going. I, for one, am not ready to say goodbye to this world. I Am Mayhem earns an easy five stars from me.

I tried not to give anything away, and I think I succeeded. But I hope I enticed you to read this one. You won’t be sorry. If you want to talk about this one, I’m happy to do so. I just won’t reveal any spoilers, so don’t try to twist my arm. Looking forward to talking about it below. Saluti!

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