Mystery Heir Feature

Ciao, amici!

I woke this morning to a surprise. A feature of my first published novel (a title I thought was out of print, truth be told) on a fabulous site called Here Comes a Mystery run by Caleb and Linda Pirtle.

If you don’t know the Pirtles and their site, you really are missing out. Caleb’s a fan of psychological thrillers and noir, and Linda loves cozy mysteries (which could explain how Mystery Heir landed on their radar for their post today). But most importantly, they both believe the novel-writing world is not one that breeds success via competition but by fostering cooperation. And they go to great lengths to give many other writers a helping hand.

Like today, by showcasing my novel, Mystery Heir. I hope you can all take a quick moment to visit the post. Use those share buttons. And take a moment to drop a comment then browse their site. We’d appreciate it. Comments here are closed, but I hope to see you over there. Grazie!