A #bookreview of Sue Coletta’s PRETTY EVIL NEW ENGLAND

Ciao, amici! I’ve got a true crime book review today. If you read Sue Coletta’s guest post not long ago, you’re already familiar with this one. I’m delighted to share my thoughts about the book with you below. I’ve already posted to BookBub and Goodreads and will also post to Amazon when the preorder goes live.

Snuggled up to finish reading my autographed copy of Pretty Evil New England.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ It’s More Chilling Because It’s True

I read Sue Coletta’s stories because they always send a shiver up my spine. When I saw she was writing a true crime book about female serial killers, I couldn’t wait to read it. Talk about chilling!

If you (like me) read true crime accounts or watch television specials about murderers and their victims, you’ve sat through—or given up on—some boring ones. Pretty Evil New England isn’t like that. Coletta doesn’t write this like a textbook but rather almost like a novel, with plot and scene-setting and dialogue that will keep you invested in these five women’s histories the way she does her own fictional tales. But in the case of this work, it’s all the more horrific because it’s all true.

I was particularly interested in the different motivations that prompted the killings. But then, without a motivation, there is no crime. Also worth noting is the forensic science and the criminal procedures that we get to see. And I was pleasantly surprised to find out how our forensics today have been impacted by those times.

This was an impressive work that I’m delighted to have read. I hope there are more installments to come. Whether there are or not, this one is an easy five-star recommendation.

Have you read this one yet? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment below. Saluti!

66 thoughts on “A #bookreview of Sue Coletta’s PRETTY EVIL NEW ENGLAND

  1. I just read Mae’s review, so you two are in sync. I’ve loved Sue’s posts about serial killers. They’re fascinating. And it’s great to see some of her research transformed into a book. Great review and recommendation. Congrats to Sue.

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  2. Sorry I’m late, Staci, but I love your review of Sue’s book. I do not read true or realistic crime as a rule because I find it often upsets me for days, but I have Pretty Evil New England waiting for me on my Kindle. After learning more about it, and reading Sue’s excerpts, I’m pretty sure I can handle this one. I’m really looking forward to it, in fact, and your review just cinched it for me. Thanks! And congratulations, Sue, on yet another great review. Sending you loads of wishes for huge success with this one. 🙂

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  3. For some reason, female serial killers seem even more chilling than men. Maybe because we normally consider women to be caregivers and these murderers are the antithesis of this?
    Wonderful review, Staci. I’m really looking forward to reading this one!

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  4. I just finished an ARC of this book and was thoroughly blown away by how good it is. Sue really outdid herself. I was riveted from cover to cover, and can’t recommend it highly enough. Awesome review, Staci, and so well deserved. All the best to Sue!

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