Talking about Astral Conspiracy with Harmony Kent

Ciao, amici! I managed something truly magical this time. And before you sue me for trademark or copyright infringement, this is not the Knight Bus. Note, it is not purple, it is not a triple-decker, it is not driven by a man named Ern nor is the conductor a man named Stan Shunpike, it is not filled with rolling beds nor do dangling shrunken heads hang in the front window, and muggles most definitely can see it.

Yes, I am “across the pond” visiting my dear friend Harmony Kent. Visitors to my blog or to Story Empire surely know Harmz. She is a founding member of SE and she’s a regular commenter and frequent guest here. Moreover, she’s a kind and generous person, quick with a laugh or helpful comment. Harmony writes in so many genres, so if you’re not familiar with her work, you’re missing out. She has something for everyone, ranging from paranormal thrillers like The Glade to nonfiction zen musings like Jewel in the Mud, and you can find them all on her site.

I hope you look through her full body of work when visit, and if you haven’t already, click that follow button when you get there. You’ll find it down in the corner if you read my guest post. I’m talking about a character named Chris Tian. And you can find out all about him by clicking here. Hope to see you there. Saluti!

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