Talking about Astral Conspiracy with Marcia Meara

Ciao, amici! So, I’m on the road again today, and I really hope you’ll join me.

I’m visiting Marcia Meara at her place, and we’re talking about one of my favorite characters of the Astral Conspiracy series.

If you’ve somehow missed Marcia on the world wide web, I’m delighted to be the one to introduce you to her. Her posts are always engaging. As are her published works. Her latest release is the last installment of a spinoff from another series. The Emissary 3: Love Hurts was an emotional end to the trilogy. And readers of her Wake-Robin Ridge series would be furious with me if I didn’t mention Rabbit. (I’d be just as angry with myself.)

I really hope you follow me there today, then take the time to hit that “follow” button (if you haven’t already). Looking forward to seeing you there. Saluti!