It’s Here! Series Finale: THE LAB

The Lab

Ciao, amici! I feel like I’ve been waiting more than a year to write this post… because I have! Though I’m sure you feel like I’ve been doing nothing but releasing Astral Conspiracy Series books lately.

Also because I have.

I wrote this series over the course of many months, but my publisher saved them all to release within a short time frame so we wouldn’t keep readers waiting for long between books. Today, it’s my profound honor and pleasure to announce the fifth and final book of the series, The Lab, is now live.

This series is a spinoff of the Invasion Universe saga by Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant. I had to work within a world and timeframe they’d already created. I’ve written in pre-established worlds before and didn’t think I’d do it again. Doing so comes with unique challenges. But this world was fascinating to me, and I was happy to have been invited to play in that universe.

The Astral Conspiracy Series is my little slice of that story world. And book five, The Lab, is the culmination of the character journeys I started in The Gate. If you haven’t read the series but are interested in ancient alien theories, nefarious organizations bent on world domination, men-in-black type agents, government machinations, resistance factions, religious zealots, and near-future technologies, all wrapped up in one massive saga, I urge you to check it out. Here are links (in order) to all my books, as well as a related short story prequel.

  1. The Gate
  2. The Stones
  3. The Nine
  4. The Twins
  5. The Lab
  6. The Scout (a Dark Crossings story)

About The Lab

One last mission. One last stand. One last hope.

The Lab

Time is running out for the planet, and Reverie Sterling — one of the leaders of the Resistance — feels each tick of the clock. Her twins insist on traveling to Illinois to find Jovian, their paternal grandfather, who’s been communicating with them telepathically. He swears he has all the answers they’ve been searching for.

He does, but they come at a cost. A steep cost.

Now Reverie and the Resistance must make their last stand. The Astrals have judged humanity and found it lacking. Annihilation is imminent unless Jovian can deliver on his promise.

Earth’s best chance is deep in his laboratory under Monks Mound.

And the old man has one last surprise that no one is expecting.

Universal Purchase Link

If you’ve got any questions about the series, I’m happy to answer them. Otherwise, I hope you’ll join me in celebrating the saga’s end. Grazie!

Published by Staci Troilo

A writer fascinated with interpersonal relationships, the importance of family, and the relevance of heritage. Learn more at

55 thoughts on “It’s Here! Series Finale: THE LAB

  1. Sounds like an interesting series! I haven’t even heard of the original series…. I’ll have to check them out! It must be tough to write within a universe that someone else created. What kind of research did you do ahead of time to keep the same feel and continuity?

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    1. I was actually probably better suited than most people to participate in this world. When the guys opened their world to our studio, they gave us copies of their books to read, which (of course) we all did. Other authors started writing their books before I decided to participate, and, as luck would have it, I was expanded-world editor. (I did NOT edit the original series.) So I read all the books in the Invasion Universe. When I finally decided to throw my hat in the ring, I really didn’t have to do anything to get up to speed in the existing story world. The only research I had to do was the research for my own body of work. And I’m a bit of a research fanatic, anyway, so that wasn’t a problem. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say my series unites the universe more than any of the others, but you can read any series as a standalone and never need to read the others. However, if you read one of the sagas and want more, most have little Easter eggs in them that point to others so when you do hop to another, you’ll read a name or a place or an item and think, “Oh, I remember that from another book!” It’s kind of like the MCU but with no super heroes. And if you do choose to try any of them out, I hope you find these Easter eggs and enjoy them.

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  2. I’ve loved all four books so far. I’m reading a long book that’s going to take me a minute right now, but The Lab is next on my list. The “steep price” sounds ominous. I really, really like the core characters. I hope they all survive, including Draven, but now you have me worried.

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  3. Congratulations! What an accomplishment to have the entire series now available. My copy has already arrived on my Kindle and I hope to begin reading it tomorrow (finishing up my current read tonight). I can’t wait to see what happens in The Lab. This is such an amazing series that has thoroughly sucked me in. Wishing you all the best and a ton of sales!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Craig.

      We’ll see. Some people saved up to binge them all at once. Others couldn’t keep up, so reviews are coming too slowly. And still others kept pace and went book to book. As long as readers enjoy them, I’m happy.

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  4. I feel a Binge Read coming on! Woohoo, and big congratulations, Staci! They’re all here. (No, I mean it. They’re HERE, at my house, on my Kindle! 😀 ) I will soon begin my re-read of The Gate and plow right through them. Can’t wait!

    And here’s wishing you a kajillion sales, at the very least! Way to go!! 🙂

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      1. I’m trying to get caught up on some reviews, and my plan for this series is to review each book as I finish. I already know I loved the first one, and thought I’d left a review, but I don’t see one. 😦 However, I will be re-reading and will leave one as soon as I’m done. By golly, I’m going to get better at finding time to write them, and the Astral Conspiracy is a good place to start. 😀

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  5. Congratulations, Staci!!! Amazing. I didn’t realize this series is within a story world. Writing in someone else’s world does have it’s challenges, doesn’t it? I doubt I’d do it again, either, but it’s a fun challenge.

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    1. It has its pros and cons, for sure. I don’t think I will do it again, but every time I say “never” it bites me in the @$$. If the right opportunity comes along, I would. And my company is really easy to work with, so if that opportunity exists, it would be with them. But I think I have three years of work mapped out ahead of me, and it’s all original projects. We’ll see. Anyway, thanks!

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  6. Huge congrats, Staci. I bought all the books last week and am now on book 3. Book 5 landed on my ereader this morning! Can’t tell you how freakin’ much I’m enjoying this series! I’ve only stopped reading because, like, I have to do something other than reading sometimes! Best of luck with everything 🙂

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