Talking about Astral Conspiracy with Gwen Plano

Ciao, amici! So, the tour continues. I’m on the road again today, this time visiting Gwen Plano, and I really hope you’ll join me. I’ll be talking about another character of the Astral Conspiracy series: Nadia Adler.

This is the very first time Gwen has hosted me, and I’m so excited to take the tour bus there. Have you ever visited her site? If you have, you know what a treasure she is. If you haven’t, I don’t know how you’ve missed her. Let’s correct that immediately, shall we? Gwen is one of the most genuinely tender-hearted people I know. She is sweet and so, so supportive of other authors. That’s right. I said other authors. Because she’s not just an avid book fan, she’s a writer herself. She’s got three titles to her name, and you can find them on her site, including her number one bestseller (cowritten with John W. Howell) The Contract: Between Heaven and Earth and her sequel to it, The Choice: The Unexpected Heroes.

I really hope you follow me there today, then take the time to hit that “follow” button (if you haven’t already). Looking forward to seeing you there!

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