The Body from the Past by Judi Lynn #bookreview


Ciao, amici! We’re leading into October. Time for apples and pumpkins, sweaters and football. Horror novels and cozy mysteries. That’s right; I said cozy mysteries. And why not the latest Jazzi Zanders book by Judi Lynn?

My Review:

Well, Jazzi has done it again. Or Judi Lynn has. Let’s call it a perfect partnership. This latest installment of the Jazzi series once again delivers everything we love about it: good food, good friends, good pets, a good mystery, and Ansel. 

These poor house flippers can’t seem to get away from murders landing on their projects’ doorsteps. This time, the crime is from the past, but the trouble takes precedence in the present, and suspects abound. Jazzi’s investigation unearths horrible truths the victim suffered through her too-short life. Then the danger becomes all too real, all too immediate.

Kudos to the author for crafting such a wonderful compilation of characters—good and bad—as well as bringing the settings to life. It was a delight revisiting with old friends (and Ansel, George, Inky, and Marmalade) and so fun solving the mystery with our favorite house-flipper/amateur-detective.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Five well-deserved stars.

If you’ve read this one, any of the earlier books in the series, or just like good mysteries, let’s talk about it below. Grazie!

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22 thoughts on “The Body from the Past by Judi Lynn #bookreview

  1. I’ve read all of the other books in the series, and just started reading this one last night. I’m only several chapters into it, but already hooked on the plot. I love these characters and even the extended secondary cast. They all feel like friends and family.

    Excellent review, Staci, and congratulations to Judi!

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  2. After reading Judi’s story in Murder They Wrote, I can see how Jazzi and friends are such popular characters. That one was very well done, indeed, and this one sounds like another winner. Thanks for sharing your great review, Staci, and best of luck to Judi with The Body from the Past. Hope it takes off like crazy! 🙂 (Fantastic cover, btw. Love it! )

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