Visiting C.S.Boyack to Chat about the Astral Conspiracy Series

Ciao, amici! I’m going on tour. Sadly, not an actual “get on a luxury bus and go” kind of tour, but the next best thing—a virtual tour.

My first stop is at Entertaining Stories, the blog/site of C.S. Boyack.

Frequent visitors here and/or at Story Empire should know his name. If you don’t, I’m not sure how you missed it, but let’s take care of that right now. Craig is a talented author, a stalwart friend, and a super-supportive blogger. If you’re not already following him, I highly recommend you do so.

Craig has also been busy with new and upcoming releases. Book two (HMS Lanternfish) of his pirate adventure saga came out in August. His latest short story (with fan favorite Jason Fogg) is in a new mystery anthology, Murder They Wrote, which also dropped last month. And I understand he’s got something special planned for October, which is just around the corner.

I hope you’ll take a moment to check out my post at his site, and while you’re there, explore what Craig has to offer, too. Hope to see you there! Saluti!