Ciao, amici! It’s my pleasure to welcome Craig Boyack back to the blog today, and this time, it’s a two-fer. He’s here to talk about a new mystery anthology called MURDER THEY WROTE, in which he has a story. But in addition to his installment, our Story Empire colleague, Mae Clair, also has a piece in the collection. And there are several other talented authors’ offerings. So, I guess it’s really a three-fer. Or a many-fer. Whatever you want to call it, two SE authors and some of their writing friends have a new murder mystery anthology out, and Craig’s here to talk about it. Please join me in giving him a warm welcome as he talks about this release.

Staci, I’m honored to be back at your place to promote my newest project. Honestly, you have to let me pay some of this back if you ever want to push a few of your stories to my followers.

The newest project is an anthology called Murder They Wrote. The title kind of gives the game away, but it’s seven short stories by seven different authors with murder as the central theme. I’m excited to be among them.

Murder They Wrote

I’m going to take a little different spin on this post and talk about my main character. Jason Fogg has been with me for many years. His first appearance was in a trunk novel, that I’ll never show anyone. He’s been in several short stories, and appeared in a novel that involved a team up adventure.

I’m a speculative author, so all isn’t as it seems on the surface with Jason. He has the ability to dissolve himself into fog. Since he works as a private detective, that gives him a real advantage in being able to slip through keyholes and window screens.

Now for the different spin. When Jason first discovered his powers, he became a bit of a pervert, not to put to fine a point on it. Over the course of his stories, he eventually got together with, and married, the object of his lust/affection. Her name is Riley.

In this case, the Foggs are fixing up an old house that was payment from a previous case of Jason’s. (See Viral Blues for that case.) I really tried to expand on their relationship in this story. Jason’s work takes him away for long periods of time, but he tries to check in when he can, because he loves her. She gets stuck doing a lot of the painting and fixing, but Jason helps when it’s possible.

Riley makes him take the case, because they need the money more than the labor. Their struggles are the same as many young couples have, with a few extras related to Jason’s lifestyle. At one point she buys him a backyard sauna, so he can heal and relax in an environment that’s suited to his abilities. It seems kind of frivolous, but she’s doing something for him that he would never do for himself.

I’m kind of happy to see their relationship evolve inside Jason’s case work. It isn’t an easy thing to pull off in a short story without losing the plot. I think it came out well and hope some of your fans will give it a chance.

Like I said, there are seven authors involved, and anthologies are a great way to experience multiple authors. You might find a new favorite this way.


Murder comes in 7 different genres. By 7 different authors.

Are you a fan of courtroom drama? In the anthology’s first story, Abraham Lincoln defends a friend’s son against a charge of murder.

For lovers of speculative fiction, Jason Fogg dissolves into mist to sneak through open windows and snoop for clues.

How about a cozy? Jazzi, Jerod, and Ansel discover a dead body while renovating a kitchen, dining room, and half bath.

Have a craving for a Regency? Lord Peregrine and his wife, Elizabeth, use their sharp minds and quick wit to solve a murder at a garden party.

Need a bit of literary fiction? A young, lonely widow must deal with the theft of a valuable butterfly collection.

And what about a little psychological horror? Twin sisters discover that their attic is haunted by not one, but two ghosts.

Last, but never least, the anthology concludes with a historical mystery. A young, newly married knight is accused of murdering his obnoxious host at a holiday gathering in his castle.

Pick up your copy of Murder They Wrote.

About Craig:

C. S. Boyack

You can contact Craig at the following locations:

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I’ve already grabbed my copy, read it cover to cover in one quick sitting, and wrote my review. There’s truly something for everyone in it. I hope you’ll consider reading it, too, as well as sharing this post and leaving Craig (and the other authors) an encouraging message below. Grazie!

63 thoughts on “New Anthology: MURDER THEY WROTE

  1. Thanks so much for featuring Craig and the anthology today, Staci. I loved being a part of it. Jason and Riley’s banter made his story special for me. I really enjoy his humor. It’s always a win/win to read Craig and Mae Clair.

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  2. What a cool post about Jason Fogg and the anthology. I loved Craig’s story, especially how strong Jason’s voice came across in his tale. A great mystery tale by Craig with a plenty of humor and wit tossed in. Jason has become one of my favorite Boyack characters.

    Staci, many thanks for hosting today and for shining a spotlight on Craig and the book. I was delighted to take part in the anthology!

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  3. Great to see Craig here today, Staci. And especially talking about Jason Fogg. I thoroughly enjoyed Murder They Wrote, and Jason Fogg is one of the reasons why. Such a cool character, I’m planning to track down all his stories and read more about him. SOON. Murder They Wrote has something for everybody, though, covering a wide range of stories and styles. I highly recommend it! 🙂 Much success to Craig, Mae, and all the other contributors to this fun anthology! 🙂

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  4. I enjoyed reading more about Jason – he’s quite the character – and I think Craig pulled off the relationship aspect well.

    Anthologies are fun, and as you say, Staci, with two SE authors involved – it’s a win-win. It’s also a good way to get to know new (to me) authors.

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