Ciao, amici! Today, I have a book review for you. But it’s a real bargain, as you get seven stories for the price of one! Here’s my review of Murder They Wrote.

Who done it? Where? And with what?

Those are the questions we ask when we play Clue, and those are the questions we ask when we read these seven mystery stories.

The answers are as varied as the authors themselves.

This anthology has something for everyone. There’s an author known for speculative fiction, an author who writes cozies and urban fantasy. One who loves horror and one who loves cryptids. Literary, legal, regency… The list is truly varied. Some of these authors stuck to their areas of comfort, others branched out. All delivered.

It’s hard to pick a favorite, as they each offered something appealing. Of special note to me would be:

  • Mae Clair (A Winter Reckoning) who always delivers a clean and creative story 
  • C.S. Boyack (From the Files of Jason Fogg) and Judi Lynn (The Body in the Kitchen) who give us more of characters readers already love
  • Kathleen Palm (Within the Plum Attic) who played with two favorite themes of mine: twins and ghosts

I read this anthology in one evening. (It’s not an hour-long read; it does take some time. But the stories are easy to consume.) With Halloween right around the corner, this is a great choice to start easing us into the season. Nothing too macabre, but it definitely sets the mood. Hard to pass it up.

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Have you read this anthology? Is it in your TBR list? Are you a mystery fan? We’re easing into October soon, and this is a great intro to the Halloween season. Let’s get the conversation started!


38 thoughts on “Book Review: MURDER THEY WROTE

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  2. So happy to see that you liked Murder They Wrote. I really enjoyed working with the other authors in the anthology. Fellow writers are such great company and motivation. They always make me feel that I’d better write my best.

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  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on “Murder They Wrote,” Staci! The Halloween season brings out the best of ghosts, goblins, and mysteries! I do have this on my Kindle and look forward to reading it! Congrats to all the authors!

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  4. What a wonderful surprise to find your review of Murder They wrote today, Staci! I’m so thrilled you enjoyed the anthology. Like Craig, I saw a few advance stories but not all. I’m reading it right now and really enjoying the variety of authors and sub-genres.Thanks again for shining a light on the book and sharing your review!

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