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Ciao, amici!

I’m getting back into science fiction mode. Because of that, todays quote isn’t so much from a work in progress as it is from a work in pre-publication. Some of you read this book when it went live last year, but my publisher pulled it down to do a binge drop (more about that soon).

So, here’s a brief excerpt from Astral Conspiracy Series Book One, The Gate.

Landon came to, ears ringing, head pounding, mouth dry.

He sucked in a deep breath, cool and fresh. Someone had removed his hood at some point, and he was relieved to be done with the hot, stale air. His hands were still bound, but he managed to push himself up into a seated position and look around. He was in the middle of nowhere. The darkness of the sky was broken up only by a bright bulbous moon, millions of twinkling stars, and the obnoxious glare of helicopter lights. He winced and looked away as rough hands grasped his arms, hauled him to his feet, then dragged him across parched earth to the waiting, roaring bird.

To those of you who remember that, I’m sorry for the repetition. For those of you who don’t, this is a brief blurb from POV character Landon Thorne. And in case you didn’t realize, he finds himself in quite a predicament in this book. But more on that another time.

I hope you found this excerpt compelling. And I really hope you’ll take this opportunity to share an excerpt from your WIP. See you in the comment section!


29 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. I love your excerpt, Staci, particularly your description of a balbous moon- very visual 🙂
    Here’s my bit, the writing is going slooooow;
    I set the last cup on the floor and leaned against the wall, crossing my ankles and biting back a grin when her gaze seemed to compulsively drop to my sneakers. I turned them so she could get a better look. “Nice, right? Limited edition Jordan’s, light as air.”
    “Interesting choice with a business suit,” she replied, eyeing me appraisingly.

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    • This is what I love about your work, Jacquie. There’s always that one detail that pierces my interest like an arrow. I am a shoe-aholic (or, at least, I used to be when I had places to go) and now I desperately want to know more about who would wear sneakers with a suit. And why. And the woman bantering with him.

      Sorry your writing is going slow, though.

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        • I’ve attempted present, but I naturally write in past. And I’ve attempted first and second person (that was really tricky) but naturally write in third. I love a challenge but don’t have time to write out of my comfort zone right now. I think it’s great you’re trying it, though, and it sounds like you’re doing it quite well.

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  2. Here a small snippet from Eternal Road – The final stop

    Gently, Sam lifts James’s chin and directs his eyes to gaze into hers. She speaks slowly so that James can absorb every word, “You were in an accident. You ran off the road, and I’m sorry to say your body didn’t survive. You’re now going with me on an eternal trip.” She pauses to give James time to react.
    James pulls away from her hand. “You’re saying I’m dead. I can’t believe that. Look at me. I’m just as alive as you.”
    Sam smiles. “That’s right. You are.”

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  3. This is a very compelling excerpt, Staci. I’ve never heard the words, “binge drop,” so I’m curious to see what that looks like. 🙂 Here’s a very short excerpt from a recently published short story, “Brother’s Keeper.”
    “What do we have, boss?”
    “My fucking brother is at it again, only this time he’s shot a man.” Quentin nodded toward the bathroom.
    Casper jerked a pistol out of his belt and approached the closed door. He kicked it open and aimed the gun inside.
    A groan escaped from a mangled face. One eye socket was empty, and raw, bloody meat hung from the left side of his head.
    “Well, he ain’t dead yet,” he said over his shoulder.
    Quentin peered inside. “Shit! He’d probably be better off if he was.”

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  4. I’m excited to get back to Landon and friends – and ready to meet some aliens! I’ll try to share next week. Got in 700+ words this week so far and more to come today, but it’s all over the place.

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  5. So looking forward to reading more about Landon. Here’s an excerpt from my WIP, Cold Dark Night:
    “Are you threatening me?”
    “Why would you think that?”
    “Sounded like a threat to me. I don’t take kindly to them.”
    Bridges shrugged. “Just wanted to make you aware of what could happen.”
    “Is that so? Then I’ll make something clear to you. I don’t coddle to overgrown juveniles who hide behind someone with clout. You do your job like everyone else, or find another line of work. Understand?”
    “Perfectly.” Zach slammed the door as he left.
    Jason rubbed his forehead. When he first arrived in Driscoll Lake, his attitude toward Matt had been deplorable. He’d been arrogant and disrespectful. But Bridges was in a whole different league. He was trouble—the type who would stop at nothing to get what he wanted.

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  6. This is an excerpt from Annie’s Song, Anita’s new release (today) https://mybook.to/AnniesSong
    …Watching the truck coming towards us seemed to take forever, like Pa was going deliberately slow. We waited for Pa to get out of the truck and I could see from his dirt streaked face it weren’t good. Nathan’s face looked worse.
    Ma tried to stop me running to the truck but couldn’t hold me. I climbed on the back and didn’t see Nathan getting out. Suddenly he was there beside me. I remember kneeling and touching the blue check shirt that covered Josh’s face. I remember the touch of Nathan’s hand on mine and the gentle way he said, ‘Don’t look, Annie please. Just let Pa bury him.’

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