Thirty-Word Thursday

Ciao, amici! It’s time to start talking about my upcoming series release. (Thank you, Judi, for the reminder.)

The Astral Conspiracy series is a five-book series (written under my pen name D.L. Cross) set in the Sterling and Stone Invasion Universe. Today, I want to share thirty words from The Gate (book one), which will be re-released right before the rest of the series drops.

Aliens were coming.

Gunnar cut him loose.

Aliens were coming.

Was it really possible? Aliens. Actual aliens. All his suspicions, all his theories … all on the cusp of coming true.

In case you missed it in his subtle musings, aliens are coming. And that’s how we’re introduced to this story world.

I hope that’s enough to pique your interest. Let me know what you think. And why not share thirty words from your WIP in the comments below?


53 thoughts on “Thirty-Word Thursday

  1. I love your 30 words, Staci. Looking forward to reading the book.
    Here are my 30 words (actually 29) from my most recently published book of short stories, “When I Rise”:
    My eyes got big, and my heart was pounding at the thought of meeting Bela Lugosi. It felt so adventurous. Something was pulling me, tugging me, to meet him.
    I have enjoyed reading each comment and their 30 words.

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  2. I love your 30-word excerpt! Yes, it makes me want to read the book.:-)

    Here are 30 words from my creature feature WIP:
    Opal would have a fit, but she ain’t around no more to say. In fact, it’s her blood. If there be a God, some creature blood is in there, too.

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      • I’m a huge fan of The Gate:) I look forward to more. Here’s my 30 words ftom a short story I’m working on: Did you ever wish you could take back something you said, even if it was just a joke? One of those moments happened while sitting around the Easter celebration table…

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  3. Yay! good news for your new release, Staci! What an intriguing idea of 30 words. I’m working on a children’s book, Tina – Lost in a Crowd. The story is done and edited. The illustration is underway. Here are 30 words:
    Tina went with her parents to an outdoor concert. During the intermission, her dad took her to use the restroom. She lost sight of her dad. What can she do?
    I made it to 30. 🙂

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      • I know, Staci. I wish there are books teaching children how to handle situations like this. The book actually is based on my daughter’s experience. I don’t want to spoil it right now.

        I thought of doing the illustration, but I only learned to do drawing and watercolor in landscaping, not so much as in portrait. So I’m working with an illustrator and he did a test page for me to see if I like his style. So far I liked it especially he does it in watercolor style.

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      • There’s definitely a market for that kind of book. I hope it’s a huge success. And although you aren’t doing the illustrations yourself, I’m glad you found an artist you like. Can’t wait to hear more (when you’re ready).


  4. Yes! That definitely piqued my interest, Staci! Here are 30 words from my current WIP, Jagged Feathers. 🙂
    One bullet would end this relentless nightmare. Just one.
    If you can’t find a reason to live, then find a reason not to die. The VA counselor’s words echoed. Darn! Like John, it’s only 29. 🙂

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  5. Yay! Your books are coming out soon. It’s been a long wait, but I know it will be worth it!

    I’m working on a second Lux book right now. Here are 30 words:
    When I left Chicago to follow Gabbie and her brothers to Summit City, I never expected to see Cook again. She’d moved close to her sister and planned to travel.

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  6. Aliens, ahhh! (My version of a scream, lol) can’t wait to see where you go with this series, Staci- congrats!
    Here’s a short snippet from my WIP-
    “Bad luck to take an open umbrella inside.”
    I flushed, cursing the tricky mechanism. “Thanks. I’m not usually so…”
    “Klutzy?” he supplied.
    I shot him a glare. “Disorganized.”

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  7. I enjoyed the snippet and cannot wait for the re-release and the rest of the series.

    Here is my snippet:
    “I don’t—” A piercing scream cut off Aisling’s concerns and echoed through the plane.

    Everyone’s faces showed it. Something was wrong. Everyone ran toward the sound of the scream.

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  8. *Hand in air. “Yes, Johnny?” “Are there aliens coming?” “Whatever made you think that?” Well done, Staci. Thirty words. Hmmm. James is dead and Samantha too. There is a road to eternity and they must find the right stop. Lucifer has other plans. Will the two ever get there? (Darn 29 words)

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  9. My door is always open if you need a place to promote. You know how I feel about word count, but here goes nothing.

    Army composed himself. “Trubba feets wiggling ina air, with his head inside big flower under awa.” He waved his arms about for emphasis, and they all laughed some more.

    “Headman has to pull Trubba out like big poop! Ah, hahahahah!”

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  10. Very much looking forward to this series, Staci! And just for fun, here are 30 words from my WIP, The Emissary 3. (I want you to know that finding 30 words in a row that would work was next to impossible. I’m way more wordy than that. 😀 ) But here you go:

    The angel drew himself up even taller. “I would appreciate it if we returned to the days when my word was law. I do not make a habit of negotiating.”

    (Azrael is always fun to write.)

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      • So glad it worked for you, Staci. I’m on CH 10 of 12 & an Epilogue, so hopefully I might FINALLY get this one to you for your much appreciated editing skills! 😀

        And I remember reading this before, and loving it. So I can’t wait to read the newly released version and the entire series. How far apart will the releases be? Or do you know?

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      • I’m very much looking forward to Emissary 3. Can’t wait!

        Thanks for your interest in the series. If I understood our publication team correctly, book one re-releases July 17, then ALL FOUR REMAINING BOOKS will release the following week. Binge readers will be happy to know there will be no waiting for the next one.

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      • That’s a tough one since I just started a new book, so there’s nothing juicy yet. There’s the one I hope to release in September called ‘War of Nytefall: Ravenous’. This is a fun part, but context might be an issue:

        “The monstrous killer is learning how to be emotional?”
        “My human side is struggling to stay alive.”
        “I don’t think these slaughters are helping.”
        “Probably not, but they make me happy.”

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    • Thanks, Robbie. I hope readers think so. The first book was well received when it released. My publisher pulled it down to do a re-release with the rest of the series. Not sure if that’ll work in our favor or not, but I suspect I’ve lost those reviews. Eh… it’s all knowledge in the bank for publishing the next series.

      Please feel free to post 30 words of your own work here so we can cheer you on. (I’m cheering you on, anyway, but I’d love to see a snippet.)

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