My #WritersLife Goals

Ciao, amici! You ever have a weird thought pop into your head?

Not sure why I’m asking. If you’re reading this, you’re either a reader or a writer (or both), and both categories of people are known for active imaginations.

I’ve been thinking about my blog. A lot. Mostly the fact that life forced me to take a break from it, and now I’m having trouble getting back into it.

That made me think of the word blog. Which is short for Web Log (which I’m sure you knew).

I don’t really log anything. Not on my blog, and nowhere else. And that’s odd because I’m generally well organized and keep good records. When I was in college, I had a job (two summers) as a bank teller, and if you can’t be organized and log every transaction, you’ll be terrible at your job. I was great at my job. (And I hate math.)

But ask me to keep track of the number of steps I take each day or the number of calories I consume, (the number on the freaking scale), or the number of words I write, and my body shuts down. It’s not difficult to do. It’s a number in a ledger or on a spreadsheet. My tax records are orderly, detailed, complete. I have who I edited for, what the project was, what I earned, when I did it, and a few other categories. The spreadsheet is hyperlinked to other sheets. My accountant loves me.

But a simple “X wotds today” foils me by day three.


I can only assume the things I resist logging are things I’m afraid to fail at. I’d hate to see numbers going in the wrong direction, so I pretend I don’t notice if they do and just go about my day without recording them.

That needs to change.

So, here’s my goal: keep track of this stuff so I remain motivated.

And here’s my request: hold me accountable.

I know this is a Web Log and I know you’re all as busy as I am. I’m not going to post word or editing pages/hours every weekday. But if you don’t hear from me occasionally with some progress to report, call me out on that.

Meanwhile, I’m going to start keeping track (she says optimistically) of even the numbers I’m afraid to face. Hopefully I’ll feel accountable to you and this will make a difference.

Oh, just as an FYI, I still haven’t received the five-book sci-fi series from the editor, so I’m still not certain when those will be released (Astral Conspiracy series under the name D.L. Cross). I hope to at least do a cover reveal soon. I’ve started a new thriller trilogy (with the ability to extend it if I want). I’m not ready to release even the name of that yet, but I’m very excited about it. The first draft of the first novel is complete, but I’m doing a major revision—the biggest revision I’ve ever undertaken. Still, it shouldn’t take me long to complete. And I’ve written two new scenes for it (so far) that are, at least in my opinion, the best things I’ve ever written. More on that to come. This week, I have two edits I hope to complete for clients, so I won’t get much (if any) writing done. But I’m going to start logging my progress!

Okay. That’s it for me. I need to get back into the blog world more often (mine and others), and I need to keep better records. Wish me luck! (And hold my feet to the fire. Mr. Muse has been at the beach. He said I exhausted him and he needed a vacation after drawing me back from the brink. Hopefully he’s back soon and I can stop asking you guys to pick up the slack.)


51 thoughts on “My #WritersLife Goals

  1. I tried to write blog posts more than once a week, and couldn’t maintain it, so I settled on once a week posts. It’s not enough to overwhelm (all those people who post every day? Wow! I can’t even read them every day), but enough to let everyone know I’m still around. And I like Craig’s advice about a marathon; that’s how I approach my writing. When I draft, I like to hit somewhere around 2k per day (following my NaNo goal) so I can get something written in a month that I can revise. YOU, on the other hand, I have no idea how on earth you can write so much (5 books!!) in such a short period, and I aspire to be half as prolific as you are. Looks like there are plenty of peers to keep an eye on you. I’ll just check in if we don’t hear from you for a while, make sure you’re okay 😀

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    • No fair to compare! Writing is my day job, so of course I have more hours than most people. If I was only writing nights and weekends, I wouldn’t put out nearly as much content. Don’t beat yourself up. Besides, 2K a day is pretty darn good.

      And thanks for keeping tabs on me.

      What day are you posting? I don’t see your posts in my reader.

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  2. To tell you the truth, Stacey, I never do a word count. Writing and life can feel like swimming upstream, but all good things are upstream. I want to encourage you to keep swimming as hard as you can, because myself and others will be swimming right beside you. Take courage and keep at it! You’ve got this! 🙂


  3. Hey Staci! I was a bank teller, too! They converted me from coin teller (yeah, back in the dark ages when they needed someone to roll loose coins) to ‘real’ teller at 18. Worked at the bank until I graduated college.

    My writing has been on and off. And lately, I can write (mostly longhand) or blab into the voice recorder for hours. But I just can’t create the finished product. It’s annoying. It’s frustrating.

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    • DAVE!!!! So good to hear from you. 😀

      What a small world. Joan used to be a teller, too. We should form a teller-turned-author support group.

      I’m sorry you’ve been on and off. If you’re finding “blabbing into a voice recorder” (your phrase, not mine) easy, why don’t you consider dictation? It might get you a fast first draft that you can then edit. Most of the writers at my company dictate their first drafts. I haven’t mastered it yet; makes me slower instead of faster. But it’s on my list for things to get the hang of.

      Thanks for stopping by. Don’t be a stranger!

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  4. Sometimes I wonder whether I should do something similar – be held accountable somehow so I actually produce more writing. I thought maybe imposing a deadline to finish a book might help, but as I’m the one publishing, I’m pretty much a pushover if I ask myself for more time! As for blogging, no, I’m definitely not a regular blogger. I recognise the INFJ in me that focuses to obsession on something for a few weeks / months, then as abruptly turns off and can’t stand to have anything to do with it. So, I allow myself to drift in and out of the blogosphere, and thankfully, this writing comunity are pretty tolerant of us drifters!

    And no, I had no idea where ‘blog’ came from so you taught me someting new today! Feel like a rube for not knowing, but now I do 🙂

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    • I never stopped to consider that my INFJ tendencies may have something to do with my resistance to schedules and accountability. I should have asked you. That is a good point; my personality may be in direct opposition to what I want to do. I don’t self-publish, though, so I have to find a way around that. (You made me giggle that you’re a pushover when you ask for more time.)

      Glad I taught you something new! (And you’re not a rube.)

      Thanks, Jessica.

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  5. Well, I cheat at blogging. I have a Trello board with basically a year’s worth of topics to cover. Some I don’t like but as I started blogging bi-monthly that doesn’t really matter. It even has social media conversation starters, but you know how I despise social media. I’m behind you all the way, girly.

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    • Your brilliance continues to amaze me. I tried a blog calendar once (never with Trello, though, which would probably suit my list-making tendencies better than a calendar) and it didn’t work for me. Maybe I’ll try Trello.

      I’m not very active on social media, either, so I get that.

      So happy you dropped by, Missy! And thanks!


  6. I let Grammarly tell me how many words they checked for a given week. I try to do 1000 a day but don’t obsess over it. Okay, if you don’t report progress for a while I’ll call you on it, but don’t hit me with anything.

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  7. Sometimes life happens and things go awry. But then it’s hard to get back in the groove. Hope you get a kick in the butt that’s enough to motivate you and get you started again. (I need one once in a while). But you write a lot more than you give yourself credit for. You always amaze me. I’m looking forward to reading your alien series, but boy! A new thriller trilogy? That sounds AWESOME!

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  8. I think (no, I know) I’d get depressed with a word count ledger. I joined three different FB groups with that goal in mind (one of the Cherry Adair!) and I STILL failed. Now I just plod along and hope for the best.
    Give yourself a break, all that stress isn’t good for you 🙂

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  9. Last year was probably my best ever in terms of words written. Some were blog posts, others book reviews, and some stories that will never see the light if day. This year had been meh! Very little writing or blogging. And I haven’t kept a word count. But you’ve inspired me to do better. Let’s hold one another accountable in this marathon!

    I look forward to the new releases.

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    • I will absolutely be accountability-buddies with you! Last year (even with my surprise hiatus), I wrote more than ever before, and this year, I’m set to surpass that. But I never feel like I’m doing enough.

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  10. I’m terrible at keeping track of word counts and my tax person is not a fan of how I keep track of things or lack of…lol. I try not to out too much pressure on myself because the world already does that but stuff always gets done. I’m glad you are back and have a feeling our muses were hanging out at the beach together. That should mean they are refreshed and ready to inspire:) Xo

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    • I sure hope our muses come back soon. I know I feel lost without mine (albeit distracted when he’s around).

      Sorry about your accountant, but you’re right; things do always seem to get done. Thanks, Denise.

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  11. Lol, Staci. It’s super hard to juggle everything. I think Craig said it best. We have to pace ourselves, but yes, if I don’t hear from you for a while (unless you announce a hiatus) I’ll call you out on it. 🙂

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  12. I love what Craig said about pacing yourself, and that it’s a marathon, not a sprint. I am terrible at logging word counts, too. But I love when I have a good day writing and feel enraptured with a project.

    It sounds like you’re feeling that way with your new thriller, so–GO YOU! And you know I’m eagerly awaiting the rest of Astral Conspiracy. I need to be more accountable with my blog, too. Today, I even screwed up and scheduled two posts for the same day palmhorehead I need a keeper!

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  13. You sound motivated to me. Keeping after it does not mean killing it every single day. I skip days, but I also have the rare 5000 word day. I think accountability is a good thing, but it can also lead to depression if things level off for a week or two. You sound really excited about your thriller, so I am too. Short form: It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Pace yourself.

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  14. I’m right there with you, Staci. I always have the best intentions, but then they fall to the wayside with ridculous excuses I allow myself. But I know you can do it – you’re far more disciplined. And I’m so excited to read more Astral Conspiracy!

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    • Thanks, Teri. I’m sorry you’re in the same boat. I am disciplined about some things, but alas, not others. I do have to do better.

      Thanks for the kind words about Astral. I’m excited to release it. (I just need to find out when that is!)

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    • Karen, it’s so difficult sometimes, isn’t it? I hope you are making progress in your fiction if you aren’t finding time to blog.

      Thanks for the kind words. And for stopping by.


  15. I’m like you right now, Staci. Life keeps intruding and my energy is flagging. But if I’m really honest with myself, I could push it a bit more. I mean, we can always get even a hundred words out in a day, couldn’t we? And that adds up better than zero, lols. Best of luck with everything. I’m so looking forward to the rest of your Astral series, and your new project sounds great. Hugs xx

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    • Thanks, Harmony. I desperately want to release the covers (they’re quite eye-catching), but it’s not quite time. And I am really happy with my WIP.

      You’re right; we can force at least 100 words a day. I’m in the middle of a massive edit right now, so I may not write at all for a while, but I will be hard at work!

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  16. Well, writers and procrastinating go hand in hand. I haven’t even put down my blog wordcount for the day too. All the best in your future blogging endeavours, and wishing you a constant and effortless output!

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