WIP Wednesday: Moon

Ciao, amici. The random word generator gave me some great options this week. One was definitely closely related to aliens, though, so I chose it. The words is MOON.

This excerpt is from the third Astral Conspiracy Series book in the Invasion Universe. (Title and cover not yet revealed.)

Without further ado, here’s a snippet from the novel.


She rolled her eyes and mouthed something at him. It looked like she said moon rocks. But that didn’t make sense.

Oh. Moron. Right. That fit.

Not a scary one this time. I won’t tell you which characters are in this scene, though you can probably guess which guy is the moron. (When I reread that section, I pictured Debra and Ray from Everybody Loves Raymond and how she was always calling him an idiot.)

Anyway… I’d love to know what you’re currently working on. Do you have a “moon” quote you can share? Or even a comment on this one? Let’s get the conversation started!

43 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Moon

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  3. Loved this snippet! I’m guessing Landon was the moron? You do a great job adding humor to his character. Hester leads a coven in my Muddy River series, so there are lots of “moons” in those stories:
    A waxing moon etched tall grasses leading to the tree line with silver. The humid air clung to my skin. Raven was standing behind a line of cars parked at the end of the asphalt, his strong body silhouetted by a few tall, overhead street lights. Not much effort went into making the parking lot safe, but shape shifters and vampires could see in the dark.

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  4. Yes, I can guess what character she is calling a moron. πŸ™‚ Funny that I could also picture Debra and Ray. πŸ™‚ Here’s a sentence from my short story, “Jewel.” The turquoise dress glistened in the moonlight and beckoned like a seductive lover.

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  5. That one is funny. Since you asked, I have this one: The biplane pitched to its left. A skeletal face in a leather helmet turned toward her and saluted before closing his canopy. The plane roared overhead, then banked toward town. It climbed up, passing over the moon as it headed for her loved ones.

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    • I tend to use moons in my setting but I don’t think I’ve ever described one. Maybe that’s a challenge I’ll take on… and I know just the book for it. (One of my half-written thrillers.)

      You have a beautiful voice and always knock descriptions out of the park. If you want to share one later (after you get home and can dig one out), I know readers will love to see it.

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