Friday Finds

Ciao, amici! How was your week? As you might guess from my quote of the week, mine was exhausting. And I wasn’t even on “vacation” so much as just taking some much-needed mental health days. And then I got stuck with a forced technology break.

I need a non-stressful time-out. I just can’t afford it right now.

Got to hand it to Elbert Hubbard, though. He nailed it when he said:

No man needs a vacation so much
as the man who has just had one.

You guys have been great about my offline times. I can’t thank you all enough. And I hope you’re taking days off as necessary so you don’t find yourself in need of longer breaks.

How’s it going? NaNo’s approaching. Is everyone managing their time effectively? Let’s talk about it.

And now, this week’s writing links:

Posts by me, about my work, or at sites I contribute to:


Story Empire

Posts by others in the industry:

To make you smile:

And when you’re done with these links, don’t forget to check out the sidebar, where you’ll find more links to some of my favorite sites.

Have a great weekend! Arrivederci!

47 thoughts on “Friday Finds

  1. Great links, Staci! And don’t ever feel bad about taking a break; take care of you. It’s easier to create when your stress meter is not pegged in the red zone. So glad you took a break and that your publisher adjusted your schedule. Breathing room is good!

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  2. I am ready for a vacation. Just had a four day weekend and still need more. A very apt quote.

    As you know, I am planning to do NaNo. I am working on my prep so that I can be successful. I’m hoping to hit that 50,000 word count. If you see me procrastinating, give me a nudge.

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  3. Sometimes just life is exhausting. I’m going through that at the moment; just the daily get up, go to work, home, bed, repeat. It’s bone-wearying at the moment. Then again, it HAS been nearly six months since my last vacation, so could be that 😁
    Glad you’re back on board, but gently gently now….

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  4. You do realize there are only 24 hours in a day, right? 🙂
    I saw on the news about the power outage- damn scary fires! Hope the wind dies and you get some peace and quiet so you can knock NANO out of the park. I’ll be cheering all of you on from the sidelines!

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  5. I’m trying to get as much writing done as I can before John’s brother comes to stay with us from Oct. 15-22. I won’t get much computer time then, but we only get to see him once in a while, so I’d rather enjoy his visit than work. Then I have a short writers’ conference Oct. 25 to 27, so I won’t get much done at the end of October either. But that’s all right. I’ll panic about my Nov. 4th deadline between everything else:)

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  6. I just got back from vacation (with a cold) and immediately went into having to cover two positions on my day job–so, oh, yeah, can I relate to your quote, LOL. This week has been awful.

    I hope your technology woes are behind you, I know that had to be dreadful.

    Every now and then we all need break, but it’s great to know that our friends will be there when we get back.

    I am currently in NaNo prep mode, so I hope it pays off! 🙂

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  7. Hi, Staci. Kudos to you, for taking some time for yourself. I agree that we need to do that occasionally. About NaNoWriMo. I have thrown my hat in the ring this year. What that means is I will have less time to visit everyone’s blogs and leave comments. But, hey, it’s only one month and if I can come out with a rough draft, it will be worth it! Mae Clair twisted my arm to join in. 🙂 We shall see. 🙂

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    • LOL! I am so glad you’re joining us, Jan. I’m going to be in that same position of having less time to visit blogs, but like you said–it’s only one month, and think of the writing we’ll get done! 🙂

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    • I threw my hat in the ring, too, Jan. Though now I’m suspecting it’s going to be too much. Maybe we should all call off November blogging. Wishing you the best with NaNo. (You can find me as Writester if you want to buddy up.)

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  8. I’m not signing up for NaNoMo because I may have surgery coming up. It might not happen yet, but it makes me nervous of commiting. I am batting it out of the park at the moment, though, and could cover that 50k in a month no problem. I’m making sure to take my weekends off now, and I would have burnt out already if not. Sorry for your tech woes, Staci. Sometimes it seems that life just piles it on. I hope you get some down time this weekened. Hugs 🙂

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    • Life has been piling a lot on me lately. That’s one of the reasons I don’t know if I’ll be successful at NaNo this year. I’m already pushing it at work, and I wanted to count my NaNo words for a new project, not my work words. I guess we’ll see.

      Praying for your surgery and speedy recovery.

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  9. Staci, sorry to read about your enforced non-tech time … which is so stressful when you need that computer etc! Hope it’s sorted and you can work calmly. Haha … Hubbard’s words are all so true but I put that down to the exhaustion of return trips, airports, queuing, delays! As for November writing month I’m bowing out as usual – just the thought of it would stress me out! Good luck with your participation! 😀

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    • Yeah, the time I took off (willingly and non-willingly) has set me back. I’m extra-worried about NaNo because of it. But NaNo is for me, not for work, so if I can’t do it, I’m only letting myself down. It’s not causing me stress. (Well, it’s so far down on my list of concerns, it barely registers.) Thanks, Annika!

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    • I’ve never done it before, either, Nicholas. But I came to realize if I wanted to publish as me in addition to my pen names for work, I had to actually write under my name. I’ll never make the time to do it without some kind of motivation. I guess we’ll see if I manage the time or not. This was probably the worst year I could have tried it.

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