Power Outage

Hi everyone. This is Michele, Staci’s sister.

Staci is currently experiencing a forced power outage and is unable to respond to, comment on, like, or share any posts.

Once she is back online she will resume her regular blogging, posting, sharing, commenting, and liking in all social media.

Staci thanks you for your understanding.

For Staci, this is Michele signing out.

Published by Staci Troilo

A writer fascinated with interpersonal relationships, the importance of family, and the relevance of heritage. Learn more at https://stacitroilo.com.

48 thoughts on “Power Outage

  1. This is when you need a generator. Or a flashlight and a lot of books–oh, wait–she probably has those. 🙂

    I hope her power comes back soon. I saw the story on the news last night. With everything she has to do, she’s going to be taking to pen and paper for writing!

    Thanks for letting us know, Michele!

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