Friday Finds

Ciao, amici! How was your week?

After one of the worst migraines I’ve had in years left me locked in a dark bedroom most of the weekend (when I had planned to write, darn it), I started catching up on missed messages early Monday morning. I had missed not one editing project, but two. And not private clients, who understand my schedule, but from work. Sigh.

Talk about starting the week on the wrong note!

Compounding my schedule problems was the arrival of a private client’s manuscript. She’s great about giving me a lot of notice, and I knew it was coming. Well, I should have known. I forgot to put it on my calendar. Totally my fault. So I had to adjust again.

I really hate disorganization, although I’m starting to think that’s my new reality.

I scrambled to catch up. I was behind on my writing, and the three editing projects put me further back than I expected. There were times I wanted to cry. More times I wanted to sleep. Mostly, I wanted to write, but fitting it in was difficult.

Which brings me to today’s quote by Quintilian (Marcus Fabius Quintilianus, 1st century AD):

One should not aim at being possible to understand,
but at being impossible to misunderstand.

I have two primary goals as I edit (and a million secondary goals).

  1. To keep the author’s voice and message in tact.
  2. To make the writing as clear as possible.

My heavy week of editing brought point number two home for me. Whether working for a client or doing my own revisions, I strive for clarity and understanding. We’re pouring 50,000 to 100,000 words into these works; sometimes more. There’s a lot that can go wrong. But all that effort means we have something to say, something we’re passionate about.

That’s why it’s so important to get it right.

Whether you were planning, writing, or editing this week, I hope you found your message clear and your work easy. Let’s talk about how it went.

And now, this week’s writing links:

Posts by me, about my work, or at sites I contribute to:


Story Empire

Posts by others in the industry:

To make you smile:

And when you’re done with these links, don’t forget to check out the sidebar, where you’ll find more links to some of my favorite sites.

Have a great weekend! Arrivederci!

51 thoughts on “Friday Finds

  1. Ugh! Sorry about your migraines, Staci. I have occasional migraines, and on those days I get little to no writing done. You have a seriously heavy schedule, my friend, and am in awe that you can keep up with it. Feel better and have a great week (with no migraines 😀 )!


  2. Your goals for editing are perfect, Staci – preserving the author’s voice and making the writing as clear as possible. A lot of work. And thanks for sharing the “phone read to you” post. It’s been a sanity-saver for me. 🙂 Have a great week!


  3. I also have decided not to do social media on the weekends, which makes Monday all the more hectic. A choice we all make, but you definitely need some down time.

    Sorry about your migraine. Hoping you feel better and get done what you need to.


  4. Oh, Staci, I am SO sorry! What was it about this weekend that caused so many to be debilitated in one way or another? I fell and fractured my ribs on Sunday night. I have been off the computer and social media for almost a whole week. Talk about being behind! I may never catch up. I’m still in a lot of pain and look forward to the day when I can take in a deep breath and it not hurt. My heart is with you, my dear! Here’s to better days ahead!


  5. As an occasional migraines sufferer, I feel your pain. (no pun intended) When I get one, I just want to be locked away in a dark room with out any noise for twenty-four hours. They’re pretty miserable.

    Your schedule is grueling! I still keep pretty busy in retirement, but there’s no way I could ever keep up with all of that writing. I’m traveling right now, and I can hardly find the time to keep up with the blogs I like to follow.

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    • Ugh. They are miserable. I hope you don’t get them often. Especially when traveling. Suffering with them is bad enough without trying to deal without the comforts you’re used to.

      I’m having trouble keeping up with all the blogs I follow, too. I’m trying to cut back on the weekends, but that makes Monday’s blog crawl longer. If I was traveling, I definitely wouldn’t be keeping up. Enjoy your trips, soak up the culture. We’ll all be here when you have time. (And then I can live vicariously through you when you blog about all your adventures. 🙂 )


  6. It sounds like you had a really rough week. I hope the end of it was better. I have never had a migraine but I’ve had tension headaches every day this week (I have one now). Not pleasant, but at least I can function whereas I know a migraine strips all of that away.

    I spent the week churning out blog posts. The good news is, that puts me closer to working on the WIP.

    Happy Friday. I hope your weekend is relaxing!

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  7. I remember having migraines where I banged my head against the wall because it hurt so much (went to the hospital for the old hip shot, a time or two). Thankfully, I’ve mostly outgrown them- touch wood!
    With all that you have on your plate, stress could be an inducer. I hope your schedule regulates soon {{hugs}}

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    • I sometimes think the people who drilled holes in their skulls had the right idea, so I can understand the head-banging. Glad you haven’t had that in a while.

      Stress is a big factor. You’re right about that. But what do I have to be stressed over? ROFL

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  8. I noticed you were kind of MIA over the weekend. Sorry for the migraine, but also the sense of being behind it brought. That quote is an important one. It really works for my paycheck job. I’m not getting a damned thing done, and the rest of the weekend looks like a total loss. There is always planning, so it might have to carry me through.

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  9. Great links! What a miserable weekend you had. Sympathies. Hope you’re sort of back on track now, but it’s awful losing time when you’re already pressured. I applaud your two major goals when you edit. So many editors forget about an author’s voice. And clarity is key.

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    • I’m as caught up as I’m going to get. Still working at breakneck speed until I have more titles in the bank.

      I think voice and message are critical. And I won’t compromise on my own work, so why would I expect a writer to if I edit for them? That isn’t right. (I’ve had that editor work on my manuscripts. It did not go well.)

      Thanks, Judi!

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  10. I share your disgust about migraines. I’ve had them for 35 years though now that I’m on Botox and Aimovig, rarely migraines though I still get daily headaches. I often wonder, what could I have accomplished if not for migraines…

    Good Friday list, as usual!

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    • This was a huge list this week! Summer’s ending and people are getting back to work, I guess.

      Migraines have plagued me since high school, though they weren’t diagnosed until college. I used to take shots for them, then I was on preventive pills (five a day). I started to fear for my liver and gave up. I believe I found a food trigger this time, so I’ll be avoiding that. Usually, when I feel them coming, I can load up on an Advil/Excedrin mix (please, any health pros out there, don’t lecture me; I know it’s wrong, but it’s the only thing that helps), stay in a dark and quiet place, and make the best of it. Possibly ice or heat and massage. This one wasn’t to be trifled with, though. It was determined to bloom and grow, and it did so with a vengeance.

      Botox is serious stuff. I hope you find it’s helpful. Maybe you and I would have set the world on fire had we not been derailed.

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  11. I don’t get full blown migraines (they’ve been diagnosed at atypical headaches), but I get the nausea and light sensitivity, so I feel for you, Staci. They can wipe you out for days. Hope this weekend goes better for you and you can get caught up.

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  12. I don’t know how you do all that you do. Having a painful condition interrupt your schedule has to be more than annoying. I hope it all gets back on track. Sad to say on my first draft I don’t make a run for a clear message. I’m mostly in a stream of consciousness mode so when all is said and done it takes more work to get the message to become clear. I just finished a section that quite frankly I have no idea what it means but will hopefully become clear during the rewrite. I rely on my editor to point out messes that don’t make sense so in that regard I am very grateful. Thank you for the link. Lucy and Twiggy sent you their thanks as well. 🐾

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    • I’m almost back on track. (Which basically means only moderately behind instead of terribly.)

      There are a lot of people who write like you. In fact, most people who dictate do it that way and swear by it. My OCD won’t let me do it. I need a clean and careful draft as I go, or I’m fixated on what I need to do to revise the earlier stuff rather than focusing on the current scene. It makes writing take a little longer, but revisions go quickly. Hey, whatever works for the author, right?

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    • Thanks, Mark. I’m much better now.

      Editing is hard. I agonize over it because I don’t want to compromise an author’s voice or message, so that takes time and care. But I chose this career, so I can’t complain. And I’ve become friends with many of my clients, so that’s definitely a plus.

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  13. Sorry about your migraine and messed up schedule, Staci. None of that is any fun. My week has continued in the brain fog of last week, sadly. I updated my paperback for FALLOUT, and instead of saving as draft so that it publishes after the ebook goes live on the weekend, I hit the darned publish button, lol. Pain and insomnia do not make for great bedfellows or a clear mind in the day. At least it was ready to release, so no harm done, it’s just out a couple of days early is all. Hope things pick up for you soon. Have a lovely weekend. Thanks for the links 🙂

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  14. Sorry about your migraine Staci and I know how the after shocks linger which doesn’t help. I have found myself also having to establish clarity this week with regard to the free book promotions that I do. Anyway September is always a month of new beginnings for me… I am sure you are already back to organised. Thanks for sharing the funnies.. love Chris’s, Macia’s and John’s.and they regularly pick me up.. hugs

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  15. I know how you feel, Staci. I am on holiday and my hubby has planned a most hectic tour so we are only in one place for 2 days at a time. I am not supposed to be working, writing or blogging. I have worked several hours and had a conference call, am popping in to visit a few blogs daily [I just love blogging] and have even managed to write three new promotional posts and add 2 000 words to my novella. You will get on top of it, so don’t worry.

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    • That’s not much of a vacation, Robbie! (I’m honored you made time to visit me, though.) Kudos on getting so much done, but try to get some relaxation in there, too. Safe and happy travels!


  16. Sorry about your migraine. They are miserable to deal with. I have attempted to write while having one until I couldn’t see anymore. I have to learn sometimes to just let things be out my control. Hope you are able to catch up on all your work. I am in editing mode right now trying to fix issues. Hope you have a good weekend, Staci that’s migraine free.

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    • I couldn’t write with mine, either. Couldn’t see a thing. Even if I could, concentrating was impossible. I hope your edits are going well. I have officially left editing-mode and entered drafting-mode. Hit a slight bump yesterday, but I think I’m ready to sail, now. Fingers crossed for both of us!

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