Judi Lynn’s #cozymystery THE BODY IN THE GRAVEL #bookreview

Ciao, amici! I know I usually post reviews on Tuesdays, but this week Marcia Meara was kind enough to post a review of one of my books on her site, and Joan Hall reviewed another of my stories on hers. I couldn’t run this yesterday because Mae Clair shared her review of The Scout. And I didn’t want to hold this one until Tuesday because it’s already been too long since I’ve read it. I want to share! (Besides, I have TWO reviews scheduled to share on Tuesday, anyway.)

So, long story short and review long overdue, here are my thoughts on Judi Lynn’s latest cozy mystery, The Body in the Gravel, book three of the Jazzi Zanders Mystery series.


★★★★★ Home Improvement, Pets, Food, Mystery… What’s not to love?

Judi Lynn has done it again. This latest installment of the Jazzi Zanders Mystery series is my favorite to date.

We once again spend time with our favorite characters (welcome back, Ansel and George) but meet some new characters, as well. One in particular, Walker, really caught my attention. Jazzi’s and Gaff’s, too. She wants to fix him up with someone. He’s considering arresting him for murder.

Yes, Jazzi’s construction site is once again the center of a murder mystery, and this time the suspect list keeps growing. Some even wonder if the victim was a murderer himself. 

It was a sheer joy to follow the clues along with the characters and try to unravel the mystery. When I started reading the story, I didn’t expect this ending but was absolutely delighted by it. Fans of cozies should absolutely read this one.


Even in a lovely town like River Bluffs, Indiana, flipping houses can be a challenge. Especially when there’s the proverbial skeleton in the closet—and a literal corpse in the driveway . . .

House-flipper Jazzi Zanders has her work cut out for her. Her latest flip, which she co-purchased with her fiancée Ansel and cousin Jerod, is a three-story fixer-upper that’s more of a droopy-downer. One corner of the house is sinking and needs to be jacked up with a new cement foundation. That costs money. And causes headaches. And creates a work environment that’s not only hostile, it’s downright deadly . . .

Jazzi knows it’s a tough job. Which is why she hired Darby to lay the cement. But when Darby gets into a fiery argument with the furnace man—and then never shows up to lay gravel for the driveway—Jazzi starts to wonder if the rumors about Darby are true. Did he kill his wife and son and bury them in the yard like some folks claim? When Darby’s dead body comes pouring out of a gravel truck, murder upstages the real estate market as her biggest concern . . .

The Body in the Gravel is available for preorder right now. Don’t forget to order your copy (here’s the Amazon link) then join me in wishing Judi much success with this latest installment of her series. I’m sure she’d be delighted if you used those share buttons, too (hint, hint).


42 thoughts on “Judi Lynn’s #cozymystery THE BODY IN THE GRAVEL #bookreview

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  2. THANK YOU so much!! I’m happy you liked this one. Walker’s such a sweetie, and Darby was so fun to write:) I know you have a ton of projects of your own, so thanks for taking the time to read and review my book.

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  3. I am all over this pre-order! I love the Jazzi Zander mystery series. The first two were knockouts. Hearing this is your favorite to date has me eager to get my hands on it.

    Great review and congratulations to Judi!

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