Sue Coletta’s RACKED #bookreview #suspense

Ciao, amici. Today, I want to share my early thoughts on Sue Coletta’s upcoming release, Racked.

Sue has two ongoing series at the moment, and I’m hard-pressed to say which I enjoy more—Mayhem or Grafton County. Racked is book four of her Grafton County series, and it allows us to revisit one of my favorite literary couples, Sage and Niko, as well as other favorites like Frankie, Ruger, Colt, and many of the secondary characters I keep hoping will see more page-time.

About Racked:

It starts with an innocent stuffed animal. It ends in mind-numbing terror.

Five missing boys and an adult corpse found in the town’s water shed was only the beginning for Sage and Niko Quintano. After a hooded-stranger gives their son, Noah, a stuffed animal—the exact Christmas moose given to all the missing boys days before their abductions—their lives spiral downward into uncertainty.

Could Noah be the next boy to go missing?

As they piece together each cryptic clue, the future looks more and more grim. But what they soon discover blows everyone’s mind, the truth teetering on the unfathomable.

What does it all mean, and where do they go from here?

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My Review:

★★★★★ Book Four and the Stakes Just Keep Getting Higher

Sage Quintano is at it again, amateur-sleuthing … just where her husband, Sheriff Niko Quintano, doesn’t want her to be. And I was sucked into the mystery just as hard and fast as she was.

This is the fourth mystery I solved with Sage, and I felt like a second hadn’t passed. The saga picks up a few weeks after the last one ended. And it’s not long until Sage is swimming in clues, searching for suspects, begging for a break, and holding her breath. And I did it all right along with her.

This story is a little different. Moms will feel Sage’s terror deep in their hearts. I can usually remain clinically-detached (at least, on some level, since all Coletta’s work reels me in) from the crimes I read about, but this one had my blood running cold. The author did an excellent job crafting believable characters. The heroine (especially) is complete and complex, with physical flaws, emotional irrationalities, mental acuity, and heroic, soul-deep determination that is simply staggering.

There were parts that had me laughing, more parts that had me crying, but every word of it had me turning the pages as fast as I could. This is a quick read—both clever and heart-wrenching. And I’m now eagerly awaiting book five.

RACKED releases on August 7.
Preorder your copy today.

55 thoughts on “Sue Coletta’s RACKED #bookreview #suspense

  1. Great review, Staci! And I haven’t managed to dig into any of the other Grafton series after Marred (which I thoroughly enjoyed 🙂 ) but the rest–and the Mayhem series–are on my TBR. Now if I could just stop time for a bit to work on my TBR list… Good luck with the new book, Sue!

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