#BookExcerpt from UNCLEAR PURPOSES, a #RomanticSuspense #NewRelease by Joan Hall

Ciao, amici! I’m always delighted to welcome people on my site, and hosting old friends is wonderful. What’s even better is when they visit to talk about the end of a series. What an accomplishment!

Today, I’m doing just that. Please join me in cheering on Joan Hall, who is her to talk about her latest book, Unclear Purposes, the final installment of her Driscoll Lake series. Joan, take it away.

Staci, thank you for hosting me today. I’m super excited about the release of Unclear Purposes, the third and final book of the Driscoll Lake Series with your readers.

As with the first two books, there is plenty of mystery and suspense, and of course, romance. But can you imagine beginning a relationship with someone by finding the body of a murder victim? Let’s take a look.


Christine slowed to a walk when she neared the parking area. The sun had already dipped below the horizon. She debated on calling it quits, but it wouldn’t take too much longer to finish the entire loop.

Determined to continue, she picked up her speed. But as she crossed the dam on the far side of the lake, she began to have second thoughts. The path curved slightly away from the water and through a grove of tall pines. Twilight had descended. Security lights on this side of the lake were few and far between. Christine wished now she’d taken Vince’s offer to run together. Since he was running the same trail in the opposite direction, they should meet up soon. No point in turning back now.

As she rounded a curve, she noticed something large beside the trail and slowed her pace. An animal? Not likely. Too large for a coyote or dog. Bears and mountain lions weren’t native to this part of the state.

Even a predatory animal would move. This object was perfectly still. Fighting the desire to flee, she pressed forward and came to an abrupt stop.

A woman’s body lay at the edge of the woods, her back toward the trail. It was hard to see in the dim light, but her clothes appeared to be covered in dark stains.


Christine screamed, her body trembling. Oh, my God.

She clutched her chest, unable to move. Blood rushed in her ears, drowning out everything but the sound of footfalls—fast-paced and getting louder.

Someone was racing straight for her.


Some people take secrets to the grave…

Three years after her husband’s murder, Christine Lawrence still struggles for balance. She has a rewarding career and a close circle of friends but feels oddly unfulfilled. Worse, the close relationship she once had with her teenage daughter has grown increasingly strained.

Former FBI agent, Vince Green, is battling demons of his own—painful secrets that drove him from Driscoll Lake. Newly resettled in the small town, he makes his living as a private investigator.

When Vince and Christine cross paths, stumbling over the body of a murder victim, he’s forced to confront memories he thought long buried. The circumstances surrounding the killing are eerily similar to a victim from his past.

As the body count continues to rise, Christine finds herself drawn to Vince. With a murderer stalking the streets of Driscoll Lake, neither is aware the killer has targeted her as the next victim—or that Vince’s past is key to unmasking a disturbed and deadly killer.

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I’m so glad to host Joan and help celebrate her latest release. I hope you join me in wishing her all the best. And, if you missed it Tuesday, you can find my review of this novel here.

47 thoughts on “#BookExcerpt from UNCLEAR PURPOSES, a #RomanticSuspense #NewRelease by Joan Hall

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  2. Fantastic excerpt, Joan, fraught with tension. I’m starting Unclear Purposes tonight.
    Congrats on your release and for creating such a wonderful story. And, then of course, there’s that guy, Jason 😉

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  3. Great excerpt, Joan. I have Unclear Purposes on my iPad ready to read and can’t wait to get to it. Best of luck with the book 🙂
    Thanks for sharing about Joan’s book, Staci 🙂

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