#BookReviews FALLEN ANGEL SERIES by Judith Post

Ciao, amici. Usually I review a book on Tuesdays. Today, I’m going to review three. A completed urban fantasy series—the Fallen Angel Series by Judith Post.

Because I’m printing three reviews, I’m not including blurbs. To read them, you can click on the covers. You’ll then be taken to the respective book’s Amazon page.

My Review:

★★★★★ 5 Well-Deserved Stars

I’m a sucker for urban fantasy novels. When I heard Fallen Angels dealt with angels, fallen angels, vampires, and serial killers, I couldn’t NOT read it. And I’m so glad I did.

Judith Post crafted a fantastic story, seamlessly weaving Biblical canon, supernatural lore, and contemporary tropes into an inventive, creative take on a popular myth.

She crafted a serial killer who is clever, sadistic, and driven. My pulse pounded when he was on the prowl. It nearly burst from my chest when the heroes were hot on his tail.

And speaking of heroes, this book has a slew of them, each more fascinating than the last. Actually, it has heroes and antiheroes, and both sets are so compelling. Everyone comes to the story with a rich history and a ton of baggage, and it’s sheer pleasure figuring out who they all are and what roles they serve.

For every hero, there’s a villain, and this book has its share… criminals, vampires, fallen angels. Just when you’re certain there are shades of gray, they go darker than you can imagine. The author penned antagonists who are delightfully dark and twisted.

The story takes place in the thick of winter, and the landscape became a character itself. The bleak days, the swirling blizzards, the bitter nights… keep a cup of coffee with you. You’ll need it to stay warm and want the caffeine so you can stay up all night. I didn’t want to put this book down for even a moment, let alone hours of sleep.

I’m so glad there’s a sequel because I’m not ready to say goodbye to this world.

My Review:

★★★★★ Every Bit as Compelling as the First

When I find a book I love, I look forward to the sequel with equal parts excitement and trepidation. Excitement because I want to know what’s next; trepidation because I worry the sequel won’t live up to the first book.

I didn’t need to worry.

Blood Battles picks up where Fallen Angels left off, and the author didn’t lose a step.

I loved the characters in the first book. Good and not-so-good fallen angels, vampires, humans… Post created a compelling cast that kept me riveted. And if a few were good, more must be better, right? That’s not always the case, but it absolutely was this time. Who would have thought to combine a mafia power struggle with an unholy war on earth? Each warrior in this battle had his or her own story, and each fascinated me.

The plot set a blistering pace. Battles between sire and vampire, angel and vampire, human hunter and vampire. This is very much Enoch’s story, but the vampires’ roles took on a lot more importance. And the way human murders factored in, involving our favorite detective? Nicely done.

This world is growing bigger, the stakes are getting higher. And I can’t wait to see how it all ends!

My Review:

★★★★★A Fitting End to a Fabulous Series

I started reading the Fallen Angels series because the premise intrigued me. I finished because the series was too good to walk away from. In fact, I’m sad it’s over.

Make no mistake, this series is primarily urban fantasy, but the characters are so compelling, they transcend genre and draw you in, becoming family. So if book one was when boy and girl meet and fall for each other, then book two was where they made a commitment. And book three was where they discussed expanding their family. I hung on every word.

Danny and Maggie’s situation is a beautiful mirror for what’s going on with Enoch and Voronika. In addition to our favorite cop and his wife, another beloved character makes a powerful appearance. We get to see his journey come to a satisfying close, and we get to meet new characters, too—human and vampire, good and bad. All a realistic and fascinating combination of personalities and goals.

The author has once again seamlessly woven existing aspects of the series with fresh faces and different issues. Feral’s club is a deliciously decadent location, and in addition to her special brand of sadistic lunacy, the serious subjects of parental negligence and drug addiction are also explored.

This was a satisfying end to an excellent series, and as such, I find myself not wanting it to be over. I’m sad to leave these characters behind. But with so many immortals in this world, maybe it won’t be the end. A girl can dream…

If you like urban fantasy—heck, if you like compelling characters and powerful plots—this is a series you won’t want to miss

You can find Judith Post’s bio and her titles by visiting her Amazon author page.

27 thoughts on “#BookReviews FALLEN ANGEL SERIES by Judith Post

  1. Oh my gosh! Thank you, Staci. I’m so glad you liked this series. I really enjoyed writing these books, but sort of forgot about them when I moved to a different genre. You write in different genres, too. It’s fun to change it up once in a while. Thanks again!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Changing up is fun and freeing. And I think it helps us reset our brains a bit, making things fresh again. But I have my favorites, and I suspect you do, too.

      Even if this genre is behind you, you’ve got a great thing going with Jazzi!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This series sounds so intriguing, and the fact that all three books delivered is a huge plus. What great reviews for Judith/Judi! Congrats to her, and I will need to add these to my TBR.

    P.S….as always, you write wonderfully compelling reviews!

    Liked by 1 person

    • That was actually my favorite cover of the three, Priscilla. (But I do like horror.)

      It really did hold up. I love when characters grow, and these ones definitely did, and through all three books.


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