New Pen Name and New Cover

The Gate

Ciao, amici! Life’s been busy, and it just got CRAZY. My publisher moved the release date of my new book from October to May 7. May 7! That’s less than a month away! I’ve got so much pre-release work to do. Starting with a cover release. So… ta-da!

It’s it stunning? I’m so excited about it.

Let me back up a step. First, you’ll notice it does NOT say “Staci Troilo” on the cover. We’ve talked about this before, here and there or in passing. I’m writing under a pen name (D. L. Cross) for this series. We can talk more about that later, though.

Second, you’ll note an alien ship on the cover. Aliens, as in sci-fi. It’s not a genre people associate with the name Staci Troilo, which is one of the reasons I’m writing under a pen name. If you’re interested in science fiction and aliens, this is a series you won’t want to miss. If you’re interested in odd ancient astronaut theories, this is a series you won’t want to miss. If you enjoy the interplay between my characters, this is a series you definitely won’t want to miss, as I have a bigger cast than ever.

Third, this is a series. (You know how I love to write series.) More importantly, this series is part of a bigger universe. My book, The Gate, is the first of five books in the Astral Conspiracy Series. (The first comes out in May, but you won’t need to wait long for the rest of them. They’re slated for rapid release in October!) If that has you excited, check this out. The Astral Conspiracy Series is just one of several series in Sterling and Stone’s Invasion Universe, and several of those books have already been released. You can easily immerse yourself in this world for months.

I hope you enjoyed the cover reveal. Until next time, I’ll leave you with the blurb:

He lost his job. He lost his girl. Now it’s all he can do not to lose his life.

Landon Thorne is a disgraced archaeologist, a laughing stock in his field because of his unconventional beliefs – he’s an ancient astronaut theorist. No one takes him seriously.

Until an alien armada targets Earth.

Now Landon’s in high demand – by the US government and someone far more sinister.

They race across two continents to the Gate of the Gods, the one place on Earth that might give humans an advantage over the aliens. But no one is prepared for what they’ll find.

And not everyone will make it out alive.

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Published by Staci Troilo

A writer fascinated with interpersonal relationships, the importance of family, and the relevance of heritage. Learn more at

101 thoughts on “New Pen Name and New Cover

  1. Woo-hoo! A new series (even though I stopped reading sci-fi years ago, I think I’ll have to get back into it!), a new pen name, and a new genre! Although the rapid release seems somewhat intimidating, just knowing how long it takes me to write a book 😀 Congrats, Staci–erm, I mean, D.L.!

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  2. Wow Staci, congratulations all round! The book cover looks stunning and the book itself, very intriguing. I hope it goes wonderfully for you – it’s great to try a genre you’re not known for. Again, congratulations 🤗

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  3. VERY exciting. Your heart must be pumping hard, with the early release date. Plot/characters sound fabulous. Will this be published as a softback as well as an e-book (my guy will love it, but he doesn’t read on the Kindle…)

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    1. Thanks. My heart rate hasn’t slowed since I got the news. In fact, I think it’s on the rise as I write this.

      The book will be out in print as well as ebook, and a little down the road, we’ll release audio as well. Thanks for asking. 🙂

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  4. So exciting, Staci, and the pen name makes perfect sense. It’s also great to hear that the series will be out rapid fire. I notice that it makes a huge difference in follow up sales. And love the cover! Congrats on the coming release!

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  5. Reblogged this on From the Pen of Mae Clair and commented:

    I hope you are seeing this cover all over the blogosphere today, because this is the first glimpse of what is surely going to be an exceptional series by a highly talented author. I’ve already pre-ordered my copy. Check it out, go forth, and one-click!

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  6. Oh! My! Freaking! Word!

    The cover is absolutely gorgeous. Stunning, stunning, stunning!
    And the blurb is over the top. I can’t wait to meet Logan (great name!) and all the other characters.
    Ancient aliens? This is soooo my kind of read. Of course I pre-ordered.

    Mega congrats, and a thousand Snoopy dances all tossed together. I’m breaking out the virtual bubbly for you!

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  7. Exciting news, Staci! I love the jetstream look through the title, the ancient looking rocks, pterodactyls (is it?), oh yeah, and the freaking spaceship!
    That blurb totally drew me in, I’m definitely giving this a read 🙂

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  8. This is an awesome cover, but the contents sound even ‘awesomer’! I like a book with strong characterisation, and if it’s backed by a thrilling plotline … well, let’s just say that I’m drooling a little now. Great news, Staci/ D.L.! 🙂

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  9. Yeah!! 😀😀 Staci, I can just imagine your excitement/panic with the new early release date! You’ll be busier than ever! 😀 I love the cover, eye-catching, cosmic and so glad you explained about the different name. Terrific blurb … wishing you the best building up to the launch. 😀😀

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  10. Reblogged this on Judi Lynn and commented:

    My blog friend, Staci Troilo, is coming out with a new sci-fi series, and has decided on a pen name since it’s not her usual genre. If any of you are sci-fi fans, you might want to check her series out!

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    1. He was my jumping off point. But Landon is a little cooler and a lot less traveled. (I keep picturing Michael Fassbender when Landon’s on the page.)

      I’m with you on Ancient Aliens. I love the show but don’t subscribe to much of the speculation.

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  11. Reblogged this on The Write Stuff and commented:

    Just take a look at Staci Troilo’s upcoming sci-fi series starter! Wow! What a cover and blurb! I’ve already pre-ordered mine, and I’m sure many of you will want to do the same. Congratulations, Staci (or should I say D.L.? 🙂 Best of luck with this one. ❤

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  12. WHOA! First off, the best cover, EVER. I truly love it! Exciting, beautiful colors, perfect images and font–SO well done, Staci! And it looks like something I simply have to read. I lean more toward fantasy than sci-fi, usually, but there are exceptions. I have a feeling this will be one. Pre-ordering immediately!! And sharing, too. Good luck with everything you still have to do to get this one off the ground and running. 😀 ❤

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    1. For the record, I didn’t design this cover. The publisher has a talented artist. All five of my covers are done, but this designer is retiring. I know they’ll find someone equally talented to take her place, but I am grateful my series was all done by the same artist and has the same look and feel.

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      1. I’m glad you had the same artist available for all five covers. That means I can collect the matched set. 😀 When I really love a series, I want all of the books with the covers by the same artist. Even though I read primarily on my Kindle, I love to have my favorite books on my shelves, too. This looks like one that will probably earn an easel! Did I mention I can’t wait? 😀 ❤

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  13. OMG OMG OMG! I’m so excited for this new release of yours. I can’t wait to read your take on alien invasions and sci-fi in general.
    I don’t know how you manage alla your identities 😉 I’d be lost, if I did. But I’m actually considering a pen name for my new projects, since they are completely different from Secrets of a Handbag.
    Your cover is gorgeous! I can’t wait to read it and dive in this new world of yours☺️

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  14. OMG OMG OMG!!! I’m so excited for this new release of yours. I can’t wait to read your take on alien invasions and sci-fi in general.
    I don’t know how you manage alla your identities 😉 I’d be lost, if I did. But I’m actually considering a pen name for my new projects, since they are completely different from Secrets of a Handbag.
    Your cover is gorgeous! I can’t wait to read it and dive in this new world of yours☺️

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    1. Love the cover and the pen name:) Being a fan of the Ancient Aliens show this sounds like a read I’m really going to enjoy, Staci. I’m excited for you! Congrats.

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      1. I should probably clarify that. A character with the same beliefs as the people on the show. I don’t happen to share those beliefs. I just think they’re fascinating. And thinking “What if it were true…?” is so much fun.

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