Author Inspiration and This Week’s Writing Links

Ciao, amici! Did you know this week was National Library Week? I’ve been celebrating with a post here and there on Facebook and Instagram. But I couldn’t let the week go by without mentioning it here, too.

To that end, this week’s post isn’t about writing, but about libraries. There were a lot to choose from. More than I expected, and so many I’d like to include. But I selected just one (it makes the graphic so much easier). I do invite you to browse the web for others. Some of them really made my heart soar.

Today’s wise words are from Neil Gaiman.

Libraries are the thin red line
between civilization and barbarism.

In one of our many homes over the years, I built a dedicated library. It was one of my favorite places ever in any of our houses. Usually I have my collection of books in a study. My current house doesn’t have a dedicated room for that, though, so I have bookshelves all over the house. Don’t tell my husband, but in some ways, I like it better. I can always carve out a cozy reading nook for myself. But if I did have a dedicated room for work, I suspect he’d want all my books in there. Having them scattered throughout the house warms my heart.

I’ll get back to the regular writing update posts next week. In the meantime, chime in with your thoughts of libraries (both public and private).

And now, this week’s writing links:

Posts by me, about my work, or at sites I contribute to:


Story Empire

Posts by others in the industry:

To make you smile:

And when you’re done with these links, don’t forget to check out the sidebar, where you’ll find more links to some of my favorite sites.

Have a great week! Arrivederci!

39 thoughts on “Author Inspiration and This Week’s Writing Links

  1. I love libraries! I sub at our local library, and the library director always seems somewhat in awe that I enjoy it like I do. Hey, where else can you be surrounded by books without spending money? And I love your “decorating” theory: yes, bookshelves in every room! And a cozy nook to go with each bookshelf would be divine. Last bit–absolutely love the Gaiman quote! So true!


  2. I spent many, many hours in the public library as a child. It is still one of my favorite places to go. Just the smell of books gets me excited! I love that you have books scattered all over your house, although the idea of a dedicated area for books is cool too. It doesn’t matter where they are, books are magical doorways into other worlds! Thanks for sharing, Staci!

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  3. I have books all over my house too. Pulse a dedicated bookshelf that spans the length of one wall. By the way, it’s full. But that doesn’t stop me from buying more. And my eBook library contains even more.

    Great post, Staci.

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    • Thanks, Michele. I think my husband would sit me down for a discussion if I bought all the books I wanted in print-form. We’d look like an episode of Hoarders. Thank God for my Kindle!


  4. With the advent of eBooks, I rarely go to a library anymore. But I love the idea of having books in various places around the house. One year in school I was a library assistant for one of my elective courses. Learned about the Dewey decimal system (don’t ask me how it works now). Of course, I was always drawn to the fiction section and they were much easier to file!

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  5. I’m so bad at returning books on time (same with VHS, remember those? 🙂 ) that I rarely go to libraries. I LOVE looking at them online though. I recently read of an old bookstore in Paris ❤ that allows you to stay the night- now that would be a dream come true!

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  6. My writers’ club meets at Little Turtle Library, and the librarians are so supportive and nice to anyone and everyone who steps through their door. And the library’s always busy. I tend to buy almost all of the books I read, though. When my bookshelves filled up, I started filling my Kindle. It takes up a lot less space:)

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    • Your library sounds wonderful!

      Three things I love about my kindle: I can easily take a library with me anywhere I go, I don’t have to worry about where I’m going to store more books, and I can hold it easier than I can a book (my arthritis makes holding large books difficult now). I complain a lot about technology, but this is one invention I’m grateful for.

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  7. I have a dedicated writing room but only have two bookcases..which are usually overflowing. Over the years, I’ve parted with a lot of my books. I donate them to my local library, then each year The Friends of the Library hold a book sale with all donated books and use the proceeds to benefit the library. I also support The Friends of the Library by paying a yearly membership to the organization. When I retire, I’d like to take an active role with the Friends.

    My husband who retired several years ago from a Commonwealth job now works part time at our local library. I often spend Friday mornings there with my Mac. I have loved libraries since I was a kid and my parents took me on weekly visits. And despite all those books I donate there are some old, treasured volumes I will never part with.

    Excellet post, Staci!

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  8. I once had a house with a dedicated library. It even had a fireplace. I loved that room, but time and tide cause us to move on. I was not writing in those days, so the place took on a quiet room vibe and was a peaceful hide-a-way. Thank you so much for the link. Have a great weekend.😊

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  9. I’ve never had a dedicated room for books either. Like you, I love seeing them all over the house. Our local library is still going strong. One of my book clubs is through the library, and I’ve made some wonderful new friends, including the beta reader for my WIP.

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  10. I love that quote, Staci. I’ve never had a dedicated reading room, but like you, I have books scattered all over the house. Thanks for the links. Have a great weekend 🙂

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    • I loved this quote, too. He has a bunch of library quotes. There was also one from Walter Cronkite that I really loved, but I decided to go with the writer over the journalist. I do hope people look a few up. They were powerful and moving.

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  11. Having books around makes a house a home but I must admit I am using my Kindle more than ever now. Thank you for a great post and the links to other blogs.

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