Caffeine… A Writer’s Necessity

Ciao,ย amici. This isn’t my usual post (or type of post), but I have a crippling amount of work to do, so I’m procrastinating.

I wouldn’t be if I wasn’t so tired. But I’m caffeine deprived.

See, when I was at the store on Sunday, I found chocolate-covered coffee beans. They’re my favorite guilty pleasure because they combine two of my very favorite things. And the store almost never has them. I bought a bag.

I was going to buy a few bags, but I convinced myself to be good.

The plan was to have just one or two in the afternoon. A little pick-me-up to get me through the afternoon. I don’t sleep well, so I benefit greatly from a caffeine jolt later in the day.

Imagine my surprise when I went to get the bag and it was gone. I don’t mean opened and many were taken out. I mean GONE.

So I asked my son if he had them. He confessed to eating them all.

It’s Tuesday. It hasn’t been 48 hours since they were in the house. And he ate the whole bag? No wonder he didn’t sleep well last night.

Here’s the kicker… He works at a chocolate shop. Where they sell chocolate-covered coffee beans. He can eat them anytime he wants. FOR FREE.

He offered to bring me some, but I told him not to. I don’t need them. That’s why I never ask him to bring any home. (I’m convinced I don’t have a problem, and there’s my proof.) But when the store had them, I couldn’t resist.

Don’t get me wrong, I could certainly use some caffeine right about now. But I don’t NEED them. (Or so I’m telling myself.)

What’s the point of this post, then, you ask? Like I said, I’m procrastinating because I have so much to do, I can’t think straight. And I don’t have any caffeine to get me moving.

So, what about you? Do you need an afternoon pick-me-up? What’s your choice? Bonus points if you’re super busy and opting to answer me instead of working. lol

66 thoughts on “Caffeine… A Writer’s Necessity

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  3. Wow. Even I have got a similar addiction for caffeine. It keeps me up. It helps me to go through my life. Even I was thinking about posting about my addiction to it on my blog. Would you mind taking out some time to read my posts?

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  4. Haha, your son ate all the chocolate-covered coffee beans. They must have been real good ๐Ÿ˜€ Hopefully you get to buy a bag against at some point for yourself as a treat.

    I don’t drink coffee or caffeine. Not even tea. Don’t need any of that to function throughout the day at work or later when I am writing. When I need a pick-me-up I usually go for a small bar of chocolate or small packet of chips depending on if I want something sweet or savoury.

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  5. Never had chocolate-covered coffee beans, but some people love them, like, apparently, your son ๐Ÿ˜€ I do coffee right away in the morning, but I try to limit myself to about 2 cups or so a day. I don’t really flag too bad in the afternoon, but if I need something, I end up with something salty, like Chex Mix or Gardettos or a few chips. Usually veggies when I get home after work. But there’s always a reason for chocolate–am I right? ๐Ÿ˜€ โค

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  8. Staci, I’m happy to joining you in procrastinating! ๐Ÿ˜€ Anything chocolate is the perfect afternoon snack, I’m intrigued by your chocolate covered coffee beans! Chocolate peanuts are so good. My absolute favourite pick-me-up is salt sweets, alas only available in Scandinavia. I am addicted to these whilst everyone else I know detests them. I hope you weren’t too hard on your son – and had to laugh that he ate yours when he has access to them every day! Such are children, even grown-up ones!๐Ÿ˜€ Good luck with your work! x


    • Bonus points for you, too!

      I’ve never had salt sweets, but I love sweet and salty snacks. Chocolate-covered pretzels or chips or Ritz crackers are delicious.

      I kind of laughed that he ate mine when he has access to them at work, too. I hope he at least used them for an energy boost while doing homework or studying rather than just as a snack. I’m telling myself that’s what he did so I don’t feel like they were wasted on him.

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  9. I’ve never heard of chocolate covered coffee beans- crazy! Are they bitter? Sweet? Gosh, I need to go shopping now!
    My go-to in the afternoons is fruit. An orange or a few grapes go a long way toward giving me that energy boost- maybe I’m borderline diabetic ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • I wouldn’t call them bitter. More like pungent. Then again, I like black coffee, which many people think is bitter. If you think so, then you should know they’re a little stronger than when brewed, but the chocolate (I think) tempers the edge and rounds out the flavors.

      I watch the amount of fruit I eat because of the sugars. And I seem to eat less of it in the winter. I guess a cold, refreshing bite seems not to match a cold, bitter season. That said, I could go for a nice, juicy pear right now. Or a chocolate-covered coffee bean. Sadly, I have neither in my house.

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  10. I start on the coffee as soon as I get up to get going and keep going, lol. Like you, I flag mid afternoon, but I have to stop the coffee at about 3:30 or I don’t sleep. Being on a strict diet pretty much rules out my other love: chocolate, lol! Except for my two 50 calorie days, I allow myself a square or two of Lindt when I have the spare calories (55 cals per square) and that’s it, but better than complete abstaining. Good luck with the work and the energy, Staci ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • I currently have two 90% Lindt bars in my kitchen right now. I LOVE dark chocolate. Actually, it’s less than two bars because I’ve eaten two squares from one of them. I will indulge in a square a day if I’ve been careful. I’m not counting calories, but I watch. Yesterday I overdid it with the fondue, so no chocolate. Today I’m thinking two meals of salad, so I’ll probably treat myself to a square this evening.

      And right now, my coffee should be ready. I’m going to go get a cup!

      Be careful you don’t restrict your calories too much. Have a great day!

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  11. I feel for you! I used to be a HUGE chocolate and caffeine fan. It kept me going. For health reasons, I had to quit both….I still miss them. After some major adjustments, I switched to fruit in the afternoon and bone broth soup. Not quite the same but it works…hope you get some more chocolate covered coffee beans soon:)

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    • I’m sorry to hear that. It’s hard to give up something(s) we love. But bone broth is great. When I make it, I make a huge vat (slight hyperbole there, but the pot is big) and sip on it all week. You’re right, it’s not chocolate or coffee, but it’s delicious, healthy, and low calorie.

      No joy on the coffee beans. He didn’t bring any home last night. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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  12. My husband’s the chocolate fan in our family. I always get hungry at about 3:30 in the afternoon and need a break. That’s when I grab cashews. But every time we go to Fresh Market, I buy their white chocolate macarons. I’m in love with them!

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  13. I get the bonus points. I’m wiped out and looking forward to tomorrow off. Kids are like rats, I swear. Old What’s Her Face bought a package of Klondikes on Friday. I decided to have one last night. All six of them are gone. Our son ate the whole damned pack.

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    • Bonus points awarded!

      Boys are bottomless pits. If we have something “good” in the house, it’s gone in minutes. But I couldn’t tell you the last time I saw my son eat a vegetable. Even last night… I made pizza fondue. I loaded my plate with veggies. He ate his with pepperoni and cheese.

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  14. O!M!G! I think I would have been sobbing if I’d been looking forward to them like that, LOL.

    I’m not good with caffeine, but I do have one regular cup of coffee in the morning, followed by one of decaf. I’m actually not much for a chocolate, candy, or cake person but come between me and my favorite chips and I can’t be held responsible for the fallout ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  15. Huge fan of chocolate covered coffee beans. I used to buy them at McGinnis Sisters before they closed, (Sad about that).

    I have a huge list of go to foods, but my favorites are dark chocolate and potato chips.

    I don’t often need any pick me up, I just love to snack. But I am a huge procrastinator when it comes to my writing. I do get my blogs posted, but I put off my writing all the time. I comment on posts, check out websites, watch sports. You get the picture.

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  16. I should be working on my deadline, but I’m procrastinating, too! All I had to read was “chocolate” and here I am. ๐Ÿ™‚ My husband grabs me a mini-package of Ferrero Rocher every time he goes to the dollar store. Well, since he was going yesterday, I ate my last one — and for the first time he didn’t buy me a new pack! He said he’d drive back, but, like you, that would mean I “needed” them, so of course I told him no. I can’t even imagine the sheer horror of discovering your son ate the whole bag. {{{hugs}}}

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    • I could never keep Ferrero Rocher in my house. I’d be as big as a house!

      What are the odds that the one time you’re out is the one time he didn’t bring them home? That’s sad.

      I hope he gets you some soon! (I’m considering making a second pot of coffee. Probably more for procrastination’s sake than actually needing it. Well, maybe it’s a 50/50 split.)

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