Author Inspiration and This Week’s Writing Links

Ciao, amici! Hope you’re all doing well. It was another busy week for me, and it doesn’t look like my obligations will be changing anytime soon, so rather than boring you with the same lament every Friday, I’m going to move on to what is relevant.

We celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr. this Monday. Man, wouldn’t it be nice if we kept his quest for peace in mind all the time? I thought I’d choose one of his quotes in his honor this week. One, I think, that applies to anyone as well as to our writing lives.

Faith is taking the first step
even when you don’t see the whole staircase.

Wise words.

I’m not sure if you’re just starting out on your writing journey or if you, like me, have been at it for a while. Wherever you are, beginning each new story can be daunting. It’s exciting, but it’s not as easy as some people make it look. There might (and probably will) be a time when you wonder if it’s worth the effort, especially when there’s no end in sight.

I’m here to tell you, it is. Just have a little faith.

And now, this week’s writing links:

Posts by me, about my work, or at sites I contribute to:


Story Empire

Posts by others in the industry:

And when you’re done with these links, don’t forget to check out the sidebar, where you’ll find more links to some of my favorite sites.

Have a great week! Arrivederci!

50 thoughts on “Author Inspiration and This Week’s Writing Links

  1. Hi Staci! Wow. I needed this. I’m just starting the first draft of a story and like you said it is daunting. I’m happy to be starting on the 3rd installment of my Fantasy Angels Series but I know there’s a great deal of hard work ahead. Thank you so much for the helpful links.😊💕

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  2. What a beautiful and true quote for this week. Sometimes one can get stuck at the bottom for a while, but in the hopefully faith wins out. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and lots of accomplishments next week:)

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  3. I wasn’t familiar with that quote by Dr.King, but it’s one I intend to remember and treasure. It’s so true. I wish you an awesome weekend and always plenty of faith to keep going even when the stairway appears dim.

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  4. Reblogged this on The Write Stuff and commented:

    Weekly Round-up Posts are a great way to catch up when life has kept you super busy with things other than visiting your favorite blogs. Staci Troilo’s is excellent this week. Check it out for some great links to posts you may have missed. (Great as always, Staci!) And as always, pass it along if you can! Thanks!

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    • That reminds me of “The Long and Winding Road.” Regardless of the path, it is long and winding. I need to focus less on the distance and more on enjoying the trip. I agree, Annika… we can all do with a little more faith.

      Have a lovely weekend.

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