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Ciao, amici! It’s week three of Advent. This week’s theme is joy. When it comes to writing, I run a gamut of emotions. Frustration, uncertainty, fear. But above all, I feel joy. Knowing that I can take an idea in my head, translate it into words on the page, and ultimately touch a reader in some manner? I take great pleasure in that. I also find it incredible fulfilling when I create an especially clever twist or write a beautiful description. Those surprises are… well, joyful. Which is why this week’s quote, by H. L. Mencken, is so appropriate.

There is in writing the constant joy
of sudden discovery, of happy accident.

Readers, I hope you find joy in the stories you read. And writers, I hope you find joy in this wonderful vocation. 

And now, last week’s writing links:

Posts by me, about my work, or at sites I contribute to:

Story Empire

Posts by others in the industry:

And when you’re done with these links, don’t forget to check out the sidebar, where you’ll find more links to some of my favorite sites. Have a great week! Arrivederci!

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41 thoughts on “Author Inspiration and Last Week’s Writing Links

  1. Joy–that’s the word! There is the part of me that HAS to write, but I never stopped to think why. And yes, I think it’s because of the joy of putting the scenes in my head on paper in a format that I can share. Although, when the stories don’t flow smoothly, I’m not sure how much joy there is….

    Happy Holidays to you and your family, Staci!

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    1. Well, when the words aren’t coming, that’s what your muse is for, right? And isn’t that a different kind of joy? lol

      I know what you mean. When we’re stuck, it doesn’t feel very joyful. But then we solve the issue, and that’s amazing!

      Happy holidays to you and yours, Julie.

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    1. Well, “pure” might be to strong a word. lol

      But I do find writing joyful. As I find all the support online. We really have a lovely community. Most other vocations can’t say the same, I wouldn’t think.

      Wishing you a fabulous holiday, too.

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  2. For all of the frustration and worry that permeates my writing days (will I finish on time? will people like it? etc. etc.) the joy of writing keeps me going. Thanks for the reminder of what motivates us.

    Happy writing, reading, and joyous holiday wishes!

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    1. I think your looming deadline is making you forget how wonderful your work really is. I’m glad you find joy in your writing. I know I find great joy in reading your work.

      Sending the same wishes to you, Mae. ❤

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  3. I can only speak for myself, but I find joy in every hour I spend writing. Every moment of telling my characters’ stories is a pleasure for me, even when I have to rewrite bits and pieces, or I find things I could have said better, or I decide something I wrote needs to go. I just plain love the process, and knowing I’ve finally done it (after all these years) is the very definition of happiness to me. (Good thing we’re talking writing here, and not marketing, though.)

    Great post, and I love the motto! Super links, as well. Saving and sharing!

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      1. That’s a lovely thing to say, Staci. Thank you! And I’m glad you enjoy reading my work, since I expect to be bombarding you with more of it before too much longer. Rabbit is going to need your tender touch before going to market. 😀 ❤

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  4. Perfect week for joy Staci. I love the quote, it is so true. Yes, the joy I feel when I write that perfect sentence or the story goes off on a new unexpected twist is amazing part of our vocation. I also feel the same way when I find that in a book I’m reading. It’s a great world to be in. Hope you have an amazing week and wishing you and your family have a beautiful Christmas.

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    1. That’s a great point, Denise. I feel joy as a writer (often). But I feel it as a reader, too. I hope my fans find joy in my work. I hope that’s true for all of us.

      Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas.

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