Book Release: Judi Lynn’s “The Body in the Attic”

Ciao, amici! I’m really excited to introduce a new-to-this-blog author today and her new novel, The Body in the Attic. I was lucky enough to get an ARC of this book (I’ll post my review soon), and I’m so glad to have become acquainted with both the writer and her work. Please help me give a warm welcome to Judi Lynn as we talk about her latest release.

Thanks, Staci, for inviting me to your blog to help promote my cozy mystery The Body in the Attic. It’s due out Nov. 27 from Lyrical Press.

About The Body in the Attic:

Jazzi and her cousin Jerod flip houses. They buy Cal Juniper’s house when it goes up for auction and plan to restore it to its former glory. Cal and the house have a history for their family. Cal was once engaged to their Aunt Lynda before she broke it off and moved to New York… and was never heard from again. No wonder. When Jazzi and Jerod try to carry a trunk out of Cal’s attic, they find a skeleton inside. Jazzi’s family is close. She invites them to her apartment every Sunday for a family meal. This time, all of the talk will center around their grisly discovery.


Jazzi took Jefferson Boulevard into town and turned into the historical West Central neighborhood she loved. She parked at the curb in front of her first-floor apartment on Berry Street. The old Victorian was painted three shades of pink with a wide, wraparound porch. It had plenty of charm. Not as much as Cal’s house in the country, but enough. The large front room and arched dining room was so long, she could set up tables and chairs for Sunday dinners with her family, but the kitchen was so small, it proved inconvenient. When she and Jerod got busy on Cal’s house, she wanted to knock out the wall between the kitchen and dining room to have a big, open space for entertaining. It would take some work since it was a load-bearing wall, but someday, someone would thank her.

She’d decided to start looking for a fixer-upper of her own. She used to think she’d wait until she met Mr. Right, and they’d choose a house together, but she’d turned twenty-seven at the end of March and no Til Death Do Us Part was in sight, so she might as well skip that step and move on. She’d considered Cal’s house, but it came with too much property. A huge yard meant lots of work. Just fixing the poor house would be work enough.

Ansel would be part of the crew soon, then the remodeling would go faster. Jazzi smiled. She was always more inspired when their hottie contractor was on the job. Eye candy was nothing to sneeze at. But for now, she pushed all thoughts of remodeling and trunks out of her mind and went to stretch on her sofa and watch some mindless TV.

Author Bio:

Judi Lynn lives in Indiana with her husband, a bossy gray cat, a noisy Chihuahua, and a parakeet. She loves to cook and owns more cookbooks than any mortal woman would ever need. That’s why so much food sneaks into her stories. She also loves her flower beds but is a haphazard gardener, at best.

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