Visiting Friends and Talking About Tortured Soul, Day 7

Ciao, amici! I told you the Tortured Soul posts were winding down, but they aren’t done yet. Today I’m visiting two more sites.

First, I’m honored to be making my inaugural appearance on Colleen Chesbro’s site. Colleen is a super-generous blogger who opens her site to authors far and wide. She has a link on her site with dozens of questions for an author to answer. She asks us to pick three to five and go to town. Some of these were new and fresh and oh-so-fun to answer. I hope you visit us there to see what I had to say. You can find our interview here.

Then, I’d love if you’d pop over to C. S. Boyack’s site. He has a feature every Thursday where his spokesmodel, Lisa Burton, interviews characters from other stories. This isn’t the first time Lisa has hosted one of my varied cast, and I’m very grateful she took the time to put another one of my characters on her radio show. You can find the transcript here.

I’d be very surprised if you don’t already follow these two bloggers, but if you don’t, please click those “follow” buttons while you’re there. You’ll be glad you did.

Looking forward to visiting you at their sites!

11 thoughts on “Visiting Friends and Talking About Tortured Soul, Day 7

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