Visiting Friends and Talking About Tortured Soul, Day 6

Tortured Soul Promo

Ciao, amici! Today is the last I expect to talk about Tortured Soul this week. Friend and fellow author Julie Holmes graciously offered to host me on her site.

If you follow Julie, this will come as no surprise to you. If you don’t, hold onto something.

Julie has a very… palpable muse. And I choose that word carefully. When he’s around, you can’t miss him. He’s practically tangible. Uber-present. I’d been jealous, and I asked her to see if he had any muse buddies he could point my way.

He did.

Next thing I know, he’s taking over my blog post, among other things. I hope you join us over at Julie’s site today, where we talk a little about marketing/publishing. (There’s a lot of unspoken text on that post, too.) Hope to see you there.

And don’t forget to follow Julie. Her muse is—I mean, her posts are—always enjoyable.

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9 thoughts on “Visiting Friends and Talking About Tortured Soul, Day 6

    1. Thanks, Julie. We both felt so welcome there and would love to come back.

      As for our muses hanging out at the Nightforce bar? I don’t know if it’s a good idea for them to be exchanging notes, but I know I could use the break if he left the house! I’m going to have to think about that one. (Not that he gives me a say in the matter, anyway.) 😉

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