Like the Feeling of Goosebumps and Spine-Tingling Chills?

Felony Fiction Giveaway

It’s not Halloween, but mystery/suspense/thriller readers don’t care about the time of year. They’ll read stories that keep them on the edges of their seats all year long.

Good news. Now it’s easier than ever to get new release updates from your favorite authors. And you might even win a prize in the process.

Sign up for the Felony Fiction Amazon Gift Card Giveaway.

It’s as easy as clicking here, visiting the page, and following one or more authors on BookBub. You’ll not only be entered in the drawing, you’ll get updates directly from BookBub whenever one of these authors releases a novel. It doesn’t get easier than that.

Good luck!

Published by Staci Troilo

A writer fascinated with interpersonal relationships, the importance of family, and the relevance of heritage. Learn more at

14 thoughts on “Like the Feeling of Goosebumps and Spine-Tingling Chills?

    1. I’m really more of a Christmas fan, but I know Halloween holds a special place in a lot of people’s hearts. And I LOVE autumn and spooky fiction, so October is a good month for me, too.

      We had Christmas in July; I guess this is kind of like Halloween in August!

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      1. Joan and Teri, I’m doing more BookBub promo now than I am anything else. It feels like a good fit for me at the moment, and they recently introduced their “recommendation” feature, so (use it or not) I think their platform is becoming more robust.

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