Author Inspiration and This Week’s Writing Links

Ciao, everybody. How was your week? I had one of those “why’d I get out of bed” days—every day. Seemed like everything at work hit the fan and my personal life had more than a few distractions.

In short, it could have been more productive.

I’d sit down to write and realize I had to feed the dogs. I’d start to edit only to stop to answer a pressing message. A book release was pushed back, a completed manuscript required an unexpected revision. I’m telling you, if it wasn’t one thing, it was another. (That’s a stupid saying. What else would something be if not one thing or another? Maybe you shouldn’t take this post too seriously, as clearly, my mind is mush.)

If I had a dollar for every time I got distracted—Oooh! Chocolate!

Not. My son works at a chocolate shop and I can’t even get a lousy piece of candy. Besides, this week it was more like, “Oooh! Wine!”

I know next week will be more productive. I just got a gorilla off my back and the next few projects should go smoothly. Until then, I’ll be plugging along through Friday, looking forward to the weekend and thinking about chocolate. And wine. Mostly wine.

What about you? Are you easily distracted? Do you have any tricks to keep you focused? Let’s talk about it.

And now, this week’s writing links:

Posts by me, about my work, or at sites I contribute to:

Posts by others in the industry:

Have a great weekend!

42 thoughts on “Author Inspiration and This Week’s Writing Links

  1. Ugh, I feel your week. Mine have been like that for the last few months. I can’t remember when was the last time I worked on my WIP. Distracted… YES. Actually, it’s more forced away from writing and into other things, than distraction. I WANT to write, I just can’t (work, health, family… et al.) No excuse really. But I’m trying to go easy on myself because I’m overdue a holiday by four years, and have one planned in just under five weeks time. I’m hoping that will be a huge RESET button on my life.
    As for not getting any candy when your son works in a chocolate shop… I call shenanigans!

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    • He actually brought me a nice selection when he came home Saturday. It was a nice surprise. I guess I have to publicly shame to to get what I want. (Just kidding. He’s a great kid. Both kids are.)

      Sorry you’ve been distracted. I know you’ve been busy. Don’t be like me and stress when you’re on vacation. Relax and enjoy yourself. I bet you come back refreshed and raring to go!


  2. Yes. Wine, chocolate, binge TV (although I think Supernatural or Young Sheldon would be my pick). Distractions everywhere! Now that I’ve got some family stuff out of the way, there’s a looming deadline I have to meet. I’ve known about it for over a week, but yes, distractions! Lots of them. I think it’s my way of procrastination. The trick is to avoid distractions, but how? Where? Oh, yeah, that little cabin in the woods I keep dreaming about 😀 Have a great week, Staci!

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    • He actually brought some home for me Saturday night. It didn’t last 24 hours. It was delicious (especially the espresso bark), but I don’t need the calories. My daughter and I are actually starting a diet today. I’m already in a bad mood.

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  3. Thanks for the links Staci. Don’t beat yourself up too hard. Mercury is in retrograde, lunar eclipse and all have a lot of craziness and interruptions in life in general and will probably continue well into August. Lie low and eat chocolate. 🙂

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  4. 😊 I hear you loud and clear, Staci! My week has been the same … every time I saw that light at the end of the tunnel it turned out to be a damned train. Sigh. My muse abandoned me right along with my brain. End result … not fit for human consumption. The bonus is that next week can only get better … Right? Please enter yes as a response to that question. 😂

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  5. At least my distractions are pleasurable ones, lol. The brilliant blue sky and my garden lures me outside and then at night there’s new summer shows to watch. Have you seen World of Dance? Holy hell those people are limber!
    Hope next week goes better 🙂

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    • My daughter and I are ADDICTED to WoD. I can’t believe Eva went down so early. The duo that beat her was really good, though, and she didn’t bring anything new. I hate the duals rounds. But that’s the nature of competition, I guess.

      Enjoy your pleasant distractions, Jacquie. I’ve been sitting outside at dawn and dusk, but midday humidity has been brutal!

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  6. So sorry about your week. Mine was pretty much the pits too between recovering from a cold, covering two jobs at the day job (someone out on vacation) and major flooding in my area that kept me from getting to work one day and sent me on an hour detour the next. I’ll see your glass of wine and raise you a second, LOL. Let’s share a bottle 🙂

    On the plus side I did manage to clean up two short stories while stuck at home one day. I don’t get distracted as much as sometimes I need to force myself to start. Once I’m in the zone I can pretty much shut out the rest of the world,

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    • That does tend to loosen things up. I just got done with a project that took longer than I bargained for. Now I’m a bit behind, but I see light at the end of the tunnel. (How’s that for a mixed metaphor?)

      Happy weekend!

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  7. Reblogged this on The Write Stuff and commented:

    I love weekly round-ups, especially when I can’t sit down at the computer for longer than ten minutes, and I’m way behind on Life in general. Staci Troilo always has a great one. Check it out for inspiration, and lots of good links to things you’ll enjoy. 🙂

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