You Won’t Believe What Goes On Backstage #NewRelease

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Backstage CoverCiao, folks. Today I have a special treat. I’ve invited Harmony Kent back to give us a sneak peek into her latest release, Backstage.

If you’ve turned on a television or looked at any news websites or social media platforms in the last six months, you’ve heard of the #MeToo movement. Women have suffered the indignity and pain of sexual harassment for countless years. But now, instead of the problem being whispered about in dark corners or blatantly ignored, it’s being brought into the light of day and fought in boardrooms and courtrooms.

Harmony’s latest release is a commentary on such harassment. And she’s talking about it below. Take it away, Harmony.

Backstage BannerHello, everyone. Harmony here. First up, huge thanks to Staci for hosting me today! She’s letting me visit so that I can tell you about my latest book, Backstage. It is an erotic romance novel and deals with some of the sexual coercion scandals that have hit the acting industry in the last year.

Here’s a bit about the book for you:


Just when Emma thinks she’s found love. Just when her big chance comes.  Just as she finds a little confidence at long last. Right then, it all goes horribly wrong.


John believed he had found ‘the one’. But the demons of his past wouldn’t allow him to break the leash, and when he gets the wrong end of the stick, it just confirms all his old prejudices and hurts.


Derek Prentis is his name. Coercion is his game. He’s the man with the money. The big man who wants to keep Emma under his control and who will do anything to keep it that way.




And here is a sneak peek …

Emma steeled herself and headed for the reception room where the housekeeper would have put the unwanted visitors. Sure enough, she found the two detectives in there, perched on a couple of straight-backed Parker Knoll chairs. Ready for bad news, she remained standing.

DI Johnson rose and joined her by the doorway.

Resigned, Emma demanded, ‘What is it?’

The detective offered a soft smile and said, ‘Why don’t we sit down?’

Stiff and resistant, Emma shook her head. ‘I’d rather just get this over with.’

‘We’ve come across some holes in the timeline of the new witness. Other witnesses state that she wasn’t where she reports when certain events supposedly took place.’

‘And?’ Emma couldn’t relax. Not yet.

‘We have at least four people who can corroborate that you remained in the auditorium with the group for a few minutes after rehearsals.’

‘Yes. I put that in my statement.’

The DI nodded. ‘So, from that standpoint, it wouldn’t be possible for the witness to have seen you abusing yourself.’

Now, Emma knew beyond any doubt that they were speaking about Mel. ‘Yet you still have doubts.’ That much was obvious.

‘Enough for the CPS to feel reluctant.’ The DI cleared her throat, and a blank expression masked her emotions. ‘I have to ask you again if you’re certain you wish to proceed with the charges against Mr Derek Prentis.’

Emma paled, furious. She gritted out, ‘Yes.’ Then she gripped her elbows across her abdomen and paced up and down.

Johnson said, ‘I’m sorry. I had to ask. It’s evident that the new witness has lied to us, but it still casts a shadow of doubt over the whole thing.’

Emma shook her head and said, ‘I’ll take my chances.’


If you enjoyed reading about Backstage, you can pre-order it now at Amazon.

It goes on live on March 30th. Thanks so much for sticking with me this far.

About Harmony:

Harmony KentHarmony is famous for her laughter and has made quite the name for herself. As she says, she’s also “… um, a writer … and fairly well known for that, too.” She’s even won a few awards. Harmony lives in rural Cornwall with her ever-present sense of humour and quirky neighbours, and she refuses to admit to her age.

If you catch her at work, you’ll see she offers editing, proofreading, manuscript appraisal, and beta reading services. She’s also passionate about supporting her fellow authors.

Connect with Harmony:
Website | Amazon US Amazon UK | Goodreads | Twitter 

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27 thoughts on “You Won’t Believe What Goes On Backstage #NewRelease

  1. Excellent excerpt, Harmony! I don’t normally read erotic romance, but you’ve hooked me with your excerpts. I’m looking forward to the book and seeing how the whole tale unravels!

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