Author Inspiration and This Week’s Writing Links

Never be so busy as not to think of others. Another week, come and gone. This week, my post is a day late because yesterday was my turn to write and post a story for Story Empire’s Monthly Writing Prompt. I wanted to give that post and this post their own respective days, so I moved my regular feature to Saturday. And I do have a lot of links for you. But first, the quote.

This week was a perfect storm of busy. I had three posts due for Romance University, two posts due for Story Empire in addition to the story I was required to write. I had two posts of my own that I wanted to share—a cover reveal and an announcement regarding the preorder of my new novella. And I was happily hosting a friend’s cover reveal announcement. All this while trying to make word count for my job (5,000 words a day) and do my own work (writing, planning, designing, promoting, etc.)

Please don’t ask me about housework.

This week was also fraught with a few under-the-weather days and some technological crises, both of which took up valuable time.

But what I found the most value in this week wasn’t checking any of those things off my to-do lists. This week, I helped my daughter with a problem (which is difficult long-distance). I had a few lengthy and heartwarming discussions with my son. I had a lovely talk with my in-laws on my MIL’s birthday. I managed to buoy the spirits of my sister-in-law with an innocent text (I didn’t even realize she was having a rough time until I checked in). I listened to friends who asked for prayers, and pray I did.

Some people might wonder why I was taking the time for long phone calls, texts, and email exchanges when I obviously had too much to do. And I’m not going to say I didn’t feel the heat. But these people are important to me. If I ever need them, they’re there. And I want to be there for them, too. I had some long days and longer nights, but they were worth it to me, each and every one of them.

As are you. I appreciate you taking a few minutes out of your day to check in here, say hello, click a button or link or two. Our exchanges here, to me, are totally worth it.

As always, wishing you productivity and balance.

And now, this week’s links:

Posts by me, about my work, or at sites I contribute to:

Posts by others in the industry:

20 thoughts on “Author Inspiration and This Week’s Writing Links

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    • I appreciate you not asking! Today I’m trying to balance laundry (which I ignored Sunday in favor of doing NOTHING at all) with my writing. I have far less blogging on the schedule, and I just finished an editing project, so it ought to be a productive week.

      Thanks for visiting, sharing, and providing great content that I can pass onto others.

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  2. I’m late checking in thanks to a lingering sinus infection and trying to pump out some word count of my own. I love your Friday posts with quotes and reflections, even when they come a day late. They always manage to hit a heartfelt note.

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  3. Sometimes it’s all about balance in all the things we have to do. You didn’t lose sight of what was important and got a lot of results! Thanks for the list, too!

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  4. Some days (okay, lots of days) can feel overwhelming, but I’ve learned to prioritize and take each task on with a cup of good spirits (not the alcohol kind, though that can’t hurt!) and somehow they get done.
    Hope next week is a bit easier!

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    • Thanks, Jacquie. I’d much rather be too busy than too bored. And next week will be easier; my posting schedule is simple in comparison to this past week.

      Now that cup of good spirits? I’m down for that. Thanks!

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