Author Inspiration and This Week’s Writing Links

Read a thousand books and your words will flow like a river.This week, I didn’t have time to read for pleasure. I’ve been busy writing and editing, trying to hit deadlines and keep up with marketing efforts, small though they are these days.

What I noticed is that I didn’t read much and I didn’t write much, either. It seems the two are connected. At least, they were for me this week.

I guess I need to immerse myself in fiction—in all aspects of fiction—to be my most productive self. I need to read, write, edit… all these things combine to make me a better writer. And I fell short this week in two of those categories.

In January, I read a few books, edited for two clients, wrote an eighty-thousand-word first draft in only sixteen days, blogged for two sites in addition to my own PLUS wrote some guest posts for a blog tour, and I still had time to begin other projects. February is starting slower in all categories. Not liking that! I’ll need to start making changes to turn this month around.

What about you? Are you more productive when you make time to read? Or does reading take time away from your productivity? Let’s talk about it.

As always, wishing you productivity and balance.

And now, this week’s links:

Posts by me, about my work, or at sites I contribute to:

Posts by others in the industry:

25 thoughts on “Author Inspiration and This Week’s Writing Links

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  2. I read more than I write, mainly because I read every night but don’t write every night. After a full day of being in front of a computer (at the office) I rarely have the ambition to turn the PC on at night. Curling up with a book in the evening is relaxing for me.

    When I’m crunching a deadline (likely to happen very soon) I do read less and cram in periods of evening writing. I was productive in the writing arena last weekend, and hope to add to my word count this weekend. I am definitely a bookworm, and reading a good story IS motivation to work on my own writing…just on the weekends 🙂

    I am still blown away by the fact that you wrote an 80K novel in 16 days. Damn, that rocks!

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  4. Love the quote. Feels like my TBR list is almost that long. I agree that reading enhances our writing skills. I’ve been sadly lacking both this month, although I’ve read more than I’ve written. Hopefully will turn that around this weekend.

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  5. Absolutely, Staci … if I don’t read, then I write much less. As ever, it is finding the time for both! You certainly have been busy! Good luck with everything 🙂

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    • Thanks, Harmony. I never noticed that connection before, but it seems to be a common one. I’m hoping things even out soon. I finished a WIP yesterday and I have another that’s mostly done, so I’m starting to breathe.

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  6. Wow, you have been busy! I think reading for me gives me some down time where I regroup and let go of the projects I am working on. Interesting connection you made!

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    • I’ve been working too many hours for downtime lately, but I’m determined to turn that around. I’m a lot happier when I can let my brain rest. I love that reading helps you regroup and let go. It’s cathartic that way, isn’t it?

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  7. I’m the same way, Staci. If I don’t read, I can’t write, and I’ve had quite a bit of ‘life’ taking up my time-for reading or writing-recently. But the good news is I’ve read two books in the last three days… and amassed a word count of 60K+ over three wips! Not sure how that works, but I’m not complaining. 😀

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