Sometimes you feel like a nut…

Almond Joy

Free for commercial use.

Admit it. You’re singing the song from the commercial. I am. (Probably will be all day, too.)

I chose this because, today, I feel like a nut.

Several of my friends released books around the same time I did. We’ve been scheduling visits at each other’s sites to help promote. Sometimes the details became confusing. Things were hectic. At least, for me.

I feel like a nut because, after all the efforts to schedule things properly, I somehow still managed to double-book myself today.

Because I was the nut, please don’t take it out on my lovely and generous hosts. I, as well as they, really appreciate you taking the time and visiting both sites. I promise the posts are quite different.

Visit Joan Hall to learn about the hero of Password, Danny Caruso.

Visit Mae Clair to learn about One Ugly Mug, a popular bar in the Nightforce Security Series.

Again, sorry I was such a nut today. Looking forward to seeing you at both sites! Thanks.

25 thoughts on “Sometimes you feel like a nut…

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  2. Almond Joy is one of my top 3 candy bars (though I wish the chocolate was dark chocolate like the Mounds). Haven’t thought of that song in a while, LOL.

    It’s easy to double book when there is so much going on. I’m happy to host you and know Joan is as well. Consider today a 2-Fer ๐Ÿ˜€

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  3. Easily done, Staci…you’ve just given us two treats instead of one for today!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Off to take a look at the posts but first, I suddenly feel rather peckish for some chocolate & nuts!! (Oh, what is the theme song from the advert – I haven’t seen it!! Maybe I’ll find it on youtube!)

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