Book Release: PASSWORD is Now Here!

Password on eReaderThe weather’s been crappy and the Steelers aren’t going to the Super Bowl, but I’m still celebrating.

Password releases today!

This was the first novel I ever released with a preorder, and I’m excited to see if it made a difference. (I suspect it made a slight difference, but I probably should have had a longer lead time.)

In any case, Password is now available for download (priced at $2.99), and the print version will be coming soon. If you liked the Medici Protectorate series, you’ll want to read this novel. It’s a spinoff featuring Danny Caruso, and it’s the first in a new series (the Nightforce Security series) that I’ll be adding to with some frequency. The next installment (tentatively titled Gamble) comes out in March.

So, happy book birthday, Password. I hope you’ll all celebrate with me. (I’m thinking almond cake with cream cheese frosting and a cup of espresso, maybe with some amaretto in it.)

More Information | Universal Purchase Link

32 thoughts on “Book Release: PASSWORD is Now Here!

  1. Congrats on release day! My copy was waiting for me this morning. Adding to my must read list for this year:) Every team I have rooted for this year has lost…I hope the Eagles change that streak for me! My husband had been rooting for the Steelers, too. Enjoy that almond cake and expresso:)

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  2. Happy release day, Staci! I hope the pre-order did wonders.

    My hubby mourned over the Steelers too. They’re his preferred team, but given we’re in Central PA, The Eagles grab his #2 spot. There is yet help for a Pennsylvania Superbowl winner.

    Password is a winner too. I’m sure readers are going to gobble it up!

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    • Thanks, Mae. Early results show the preorder worked a little better than not, but the numbers still aren’t stellar. (I guess Nora Roberts can breathe easy that her title isn’t in jeopardy.) I think with a longer lead time, I can start to see the kinds of numbers I want.

      Yes, I’ll be rooting for the Eagles. If not a western PA team, then an eastern one. Pretty much any team beats the alternative.

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  3. Congratulations, Staci and best of luck with Password! 😀 Funnily enough I just read an article about the advantages of pre-order and it should make a huge difference in rating of the book as all the pre-orders are released the same day and it spikes the book in the listings. Hope it works!

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