A Hop Across the Pond (With a Good Book)

Ciao! Today dawned overcast, a little rainy. Sort of the way I picture the UK. Sure, I know the whole country isn’t like that (at least, not all the time), but I’ve never had the pleasure of visiting, so I only have the stereotypes to go on.

I mention this because I’m virtually “hopping across the pond” today. Friend and fellow author Harmony Kent is hosting me at her site (in the UK!) where we talk a little about my new novel, Password, the first story in the new Nightforce Security series (a Medici Protectorate series spinoff.

Password Advert

I hope you do us both a favor and visit us. We’re talking about villains. And really, who doesn’t love the villain of the story? Most of them say it feels good to be bad. I’m pretty sure the villain in this story would agree.

Hope to see you there!

16 thoughts on “A Hop Across the Pond (With a Good Book)

  1. I am looking forward to reading this! I have the same images of “across the pond” I admit. I have never gotten to visit either. Although, my son is going there for spring break– so I will be enjoying it through his eyes:)

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    • Let me see if I can get the UK lingo right. “Brilliant! Sounds like a fab trip, mate.” (I’m probably way off.)

      I hope he sends you pictures and you post them. I feel like my best chance of viewing anything in Europe anytime soon is going to be through photos online. (Wishing him a safe and happy trip!)

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  2. Oh, there is nothing like a good villain!! 😀 I often feel sorry for the heroes in novels as they’re often forgotten. I love the title of your book, Staci…off to read the rest of the post!! Hope you’re having a great weekend! xx

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    • Thanks, Annika. I don’t know that I’ve ever felt sorry for a hero, but I can acknowledge stories where the villain definitely has more fun and steals the show. I have a psychological thriller that I’m dying to write, but I don’t have time on my calendar this year. At least, not the first half of the year. But that one promises to be loads of fun for the villain!

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    • I knew what you meant. (I’m kind of tired today; I don’t think I expressed my reply very well.)

      And I definitely have notes on the other book. (You should see my idea file!) I’m just committed to other projects first. But that one’s been scratching inside my head for a while. (I think it’s trying to claw its way out, so I’m going to have to make time for it sooner or later.)

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  3. https://www.ccsidewriter.co.uk/chapter-two-coastal-views
    Grey skies, drizzle, rain and wind – yes that has been our weather so far this winter down south, with only a little frost, but when the sun does come out a winter’s day is beautiful. Pictures of weather of all sorts at my website. ps I’ve just finished ‘Love Set In Stone’ , great fun and a page turner, couldn’t see how things were going to pan out for the lovers! I’ve reviewed it on Amazon and Goodreads.

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    • I just visited your site. The pics are beautiful. I’m really fond of the night views. I do hope to visit in person someday.

      Thank you so much for the kind words regarding Love Set in Stone. And the review! I’m off to look for it now…

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  4. You’re not too far off with the weather, lols! Just add very strong winds and you’ve got it! Best of luck with your latest book, Staci. I can’t wait to read it … only 2 more days to go! 🙂

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