Write Drunk, Edit Sober?

Write Drunk Edit SoberIf you’re a writer, you’ve heard that saying. (If you skipped the title, look up or at the graphic.) Have you ever tried it? The first part, I mean. I have to say, I haven’t. But there have been days I considered it. Oh, there have been days…

Editing, however, is another matter. That’s when you take off the creative (and possibly intoxicated) hat and put on the serious, analytical (and always sober) one.

Today, my friend Craig is trying a different kind of post. He’s starting a new series highlighting services his friends offer. And I’m the guinea pig—I’m the first person he asked to do a “professional” post like that. And I’m truly honored. (Not very good at self-promotion, but truly honored.)

It would mean a lot to both of us if you’d stop by his site, read the post, maybe leave a comment and/or share it on your platform. It’s not very sales-y and offers some clarification about the types of edits authors might seek.

Hope to see you there. (I’ll be one of the sober ones. I promise.)

13 thoughts on “Write Drunk, Edit Sober?

    • I think my response depends on the type of alcohol (and the amount I drink). I can be bubbly and energetic or mellowed out. But I couldn’t write drunk. My fingers would never clack the right keys, and I’m sure my words would make no sense.

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  1. Staci, I’m popping over to have a look! As for writing drunk…that’s only been twice in my life and bad enough at that! Writing would have been the last thing I tried – just sitting up took effort. However, I have taken part in right-brain writing groups where there is meditation beforehand – that was an amazing experience and my writing was so different and slightly scary! 😀

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  2. I’ve never tried writing drunk. I don’t really function when I’m drunk (not that it happens very often), it makes me sleepy. Maybe once I’ll tell you about my worst experience with alcohol, when I was at university, which involves a party with 15 people in a room and a visit from the police… But not today 😛

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