Not One, Not Two or Three, But Four New Covers

Typing a drumroll sound feels tedious, so I’ll just ask you to pretend you hear it.

Introducing the new look for the Medici Protectorate series. (Drumroll…)

Bleeding Heart cover

Book One

Mind Control cover

Book Two







Body Armor cover

Book Three

Tortured Soul cover

Book Four








That’s right; there’s a new and edgy look to this romantic suspense series, and I’m delighted to share it here today.

Book three, Body Armor, is releasing soon—on or before November 2, assuming the planets align. It will be the first novel released with the new look, but books one and two have been re-edited and re-covered. If you’ve already got a (digital) copy of Bleeding Heart and/or Mind Control, look for the updated files to download.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t say (once again) that I’m not a fan of faces on covers, because they never look like the people in my head. And it’s no different for this series, even though I love the new look. So, when you read the novels, feel free to picture the characters however you’d like and don’t worry about the models on the front. That’s what I’m doing.

I’d love to know what you think of the updates. I’m sure my publisher would, too. Or maybe you don’t remember the old look—it’s okay if you don’t. I’d still like to know your thoughts. Please share below.

22 thoughts on “Not One, Not Two or Three, But Four New Covers

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    • Thanks, Teri.

      It’s funny that we all seem to prefer people-less covers, yet that’s the current cover trend. I wonder if maybe cover designers are missing the boat. Or maybe I’ve found that little corner of the world where people “get” me.

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  2. Love these! As Mae says, covers are eye candy and so important as the reader’s first impression. I love the mix of bold and thin in the title fonts and the men up in the corners like angels of mercy 🙂
    Great job!


  3. Wow! When I saw the header that you had new covers I couldn’t wait to see them. I love book covers. They’re such eye candy. I agree that I’m not a fan of models on covers, but what really pulls me in are the vibrant jewel tones (like dagger colors?) that make them stand out. I also like the three lines in the corner with the bottom in bold. I’d say your publisher did an excellent job with these. They’re beautiful, especially when seen together. Congrats!

    I’ll be looking for Body Armor and Tortured Soul to complete my collection.

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    • Thanks, Mae. Yes, there is a correlation with the colors and the daggers : red, white, green, and black. The pops of blue and purple were necessary accents because the white and black were neutrals. I know the publisher worked hard on them; he’ll be glad to know they were well received.

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