I’m Baa-aack! (Catching Up After Medical Leave)

So, this isn’t my usual Friday post. No author quote; no links for other posts. Well, that’s not entirely true. But I’m not there yet. I’m recovering from surgery and just getting back into the swing of things. As such, there are a few things to catch you all up on.
Happy FallFirst of all, isn’t this a gorgeous tablescape? It really got me in the mood for autumn and Halloween. And today, being Friday the Thirteenth, is the perfect day to embrace the mood of the season and tell you what’s been going on in my absence.

On October 3, I was at MN Bernard Books talking about gargoyles/grotesques. I had a great time there, and I hope you take a second and pop over for a visit.

But the grotesque fun isn’t done. Today, October 13, I’m at Teri Polen’s site talking about gargoyles, angels, and the fallen. Teri is always a wonderful host, and I hope you show her some blog-love by visiting.

Both of these authors are having Halloween promos by hosting suspense/thriller/horror writers on their sites this month. I’d appreciate it—and I know they and their guests would, too—if you’d check out their posts all month long.

So, I did in fact have Friday links to share. Two of them, and with a common theme—gargoyles. My novel, Love Set in Stone, in particular. In honor of these posts and the creepy tone of the month, I’m happy to announce I’m running a special on the novel. You can download a copy at your favorite online eBook provider for only 99¢, now through Halloween.

That’s right. Get your copy of Love Set in Stone this month for only 99¢. Click for the universal purchase link.

Halloween SpecialsAnd check out all the mysterious and mystic offerings I have.
There’s something for everyone this October.

Thanks for your patience while I was away. I hope to get back to a somewhat normal schedule next week. Until then, please visit Teri Polen and MN Bernard to learn more about gargoyles. There’s some fascinating lore there.

Happy Weekend!



28 thoughts on “I’m Baa-aack! (Catching Up After Medical Leave)

    • Thanks, Robbie. I’m getting there. And wasn’t that tablescape lovely? I didn’t decorate inside this year (because of lugging the boxes). All I have is a wreath on my door, and that makes me sad because I usually have my whole house decked out in pumpkins, gourds, and scarecrows. Maybe next year. For now, I’ll have to settle for this pretty picture.

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    • Thanks, Teri.

      Fall is my favorite time of year. I usually have my house decked out with pumpkins, gourds, and scarecrows. It’s not happening this year, but the tablescape did put a smile on my face. Wish it was mine, but I have laundry on my dining room table right now. :/

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  1. Welcome back! So great to see a new blog post from you.
    That’s a great price for Love Set in Stone and I hope you get many takers on it. Such an intriguing read.
    Happy spooky October! 🙂
    P.S…..that table setting IS gorgeous!

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  2. I’m so happy to see you back again! As I collapsed into bed last night, after 2-1/2 days of garage clean-up madness, and workers everywhere, I reminded myself to email you and see how you were doing. It was on my sticky notes! 🙂 And I will try my best to check out your links today! I will definitely be grabbing your books. (I love gargoyles! Have two on my bookshelves.) 🙂

    Welcome back, Staci!! You’ve been MISSED! ❤

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