Lisa Burton, Robot Girl and Personal Assistant to Author C. S. Boyack, on Quantum Wanderlust

Quantum Wanderlust

Hi, gang. I’ve got a treat for you today. This special guest is often the one asking all the questions on her fabulous character-interview radio show, but today, she’s in the hot seat. Lisa Burton first rose to fame as a character in C. S. Boyack’s Wild Concept. Now she is his personal assistant and spokesmodel for his books and brand. Lisa does a lot of the heavy lifting, keeps her author on his toes, and manages to do it all while rocking a killer sense of style.

Please give a warm welcome to Lisa Burton, the robot girl.

Thanks for inviting me over today. I’m here to talk about a new anthology called Quantum Wanderlust. Thirteen different authors provided short stories to this collection, and the theme is time travel.

So, what would you do if given a time machine? Would you visit the past? Perhaps you’d like to see if Helen of Troy was everything they said she was. Maybe you’d like to sit in the stands and watch Mr. October hit three home runs in one World Series game.

Maybe you’re the kind who wants to visit the future. You could go far enough to watch humans colonize other planets. Possibly you’d just want a peek at which mega-corporations to buy stock in when you get back home.

When Craig took up the challenge, his character visited the past. Watch for the story “Swift Wings” inside the collection. It has a strange little twist ending, too.

Visiting websites and promoting his stories is part of my spokesmodel job. The model part of that involves handing out posters. Since he only has one story in the book, we only commissioned one poster. We both think it’s a fun one, and Craig said, “That’s the best-looking sphinx he ever saw.”

Boyack Sphinx

Feel free to use the poster as your computer background or whatever.

You can get your own copy of Quantum Wanderlust for free at all the major sites. Getting your copy now will really help us launch this book the right way, even if you don’t read it until later. And it’s free, so you have nothing to lose.

I’m also not above asking for reviews. They really help all the authors get this book moving. Other free things you can do involve sharing this post. Twitter, Facebook, and all the rest can help us spread the word. Even the simple act of adding the book on Goodreads can help, and it costs you nothing. We’d all be grateful.

Speaking for all the authors involved, I sincerely hope you enjoy Quantum Wanderlust. They had a great time writing their stories and commiserating over their deadlines.

Well, I have to agree with Craig. That is a handsome sphinx. The spokesmodel’s looking pretty darn good, too.

I’ve read all the stories in the anthology, and I think there’s a little something in there for every taste. I enjoyed all the works, but I’m a bit of an Egyptian history fan, so Craig’s story really captured my interest. His tale took us back in time, but mine leaps us forward. “Vicious Circle” sees a down on his luck husband/farmer go into the future to see what will become of his life. I’ve been told my short fiction is sometimes pretty dark and twisted; I’m guessing this one falls somewhere on that scale. I’d love to know what you think. If you do read the anthology, please write a review.

Lisa, thank you so much for joining us today. As always, it’s been a pleasure. Please let Craig know I appreciated him giving you time off to visit.

If you’d like to talk with Craig (or Lisa) or get more information, try the following links:

BlogPublished Works | TwitterGoodreadsFacebookPinterest

Quantum Wanderlust

Spring forward, fall back.

That reminds you of changing the clocks, right? When we talk about the passage of time, it’s usually in short bursts (seconds, minutes, hours) or slightly longer chunks (weeks, months, years).

What if it was limitless? What if you could go forward or back, in any size segment you wanted? Decades, centuries, eons? Would you go back and change your life? Go forward and see your future?

That’s the challenge thirteen writers faced.

Quantum Wanderlust is a time travel short story anthology. Characters travel forward and back—how far they go and how they get there make fascinating tales. Do they observe or interact? Is the outcome better or worse than the original timeline?

You’ve got to read the stories and see for yourself. The scope is virtually limitless, definitely timeless.

Download your free copy today from most major eBook retailers by clicking here.

Quantum Wanderlust



50 thoughts on “Lisa Burton, Robot Girl and Personal Assistant to Author C. S. Boyack, on Quantum Wanderlust

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  2. How cool to see Lisa here (I don’t know what Craig would do without her). This was a fun post, and I know the anthology is going to rock! I’m celebrating tonight because I finally shipped my latest ms to my publisher (today) and now I get to start hanging out online again.

    Woohoo! What a great post to start with. I’m looking forward to all the gems in this anthology!

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  3. Haha! That IS a great looking sphinx… well, its certainly unique, any way. Great article, I don’t think Craig could manage without Lisa. Love the artwork for the book, btw, and all the best to all the authors.

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