Meet the Character: Donni Notaro

Body Armor CoverThe third installment of the Medici Protectorate series, Body Armor, will be releasing soon.

Because of that, I thought those of you unfamiliar with the characters and the series might like an introduction to the hero we follow in the story. We tried that yesterday. He wasn’t very forthcoming.

So, we’re trying again today, only this time we’re trying the heroine of the story. Chances are she’ll be more talkative.


Name: Donnatella (Donni) Notaro

Hair: Brown, shoulder length

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5’4”

Build: Toned, fit.

Occupation: Lead Interior Designer at NBD

Quirks: Cooks to calm herself. Enjoys being in the kitchen.


After yesterday, I was prepared—both to conduct the interview and to deal with video conferencing. It also doesn’t hurt that, while Donni is quite attractive for a woman, she doesn’t leave me tongue-tied.

I again have a cup of coffee beside me and a notepad filled with questions right next to it.

When Donni’s face appears on the screen, I’m happy to see her. She looks well, so clearly there’s no immediate threat, which is good news.

Donni: Hi, Staci. It’s good to see you. How is the family?

Me: Great, thanks. Hubby loves his job and is indispensable there, and the kids are doing really well in school. They’re both a little under the weather, but it’s the season for colds. My daughter is suffering a few tennis injuries, but I don’t think any of them will be career-ending. How about you? How are your sisters?

Donni: Franki and Gianni are still making everyone sick with the PDA everywhere. Jo and Vinnie… (she shrugs) He’s having a hard time. But Jo’s helping him cope. And Toni, she’s my rock.

Me: Sorry about Vinnie, but it sounds like things are pretty good, all in all.

Donni: No use complaining.

Me: Well, I guess you know why I wanted to talk today.

Donni: You want to introduce me to your readers.

Me: True. But after interviewing Nico yesterday, I’m afraid no one really learned anything about him or your story. I thought maybe you could fill in some blanks.

Donni: (looks over her screen to the room beyond her) Um… before we go on, I should tell you that Nico set up my Skype connection. And didn’t leave the room.

Me: He didn’t trust me, eh?

Donni: Probably more like he didn’t trust me to stay… noncommital.

Me: Right. (I raise my voice.) Hi, Nico!

Donni: (blushing) He waved.

Me: Sure, he did. Okay, Don, let’s get down to it. This is the third of four stories about you and your sisters and the organization sworn to protect you. Why don’t you explain the situation to people unfamiliar with the series?

Donni: Well, Italy is in the middle of possibly overthrowing their current government. And it turns out that my family could claim ruling rights if we wanted to. We have proof that we’re direct descendants of the House of Medici. But, not only do we have no interest in ruling Italy or any other country, there’s a nefarious organization trying to get us to take the throne so they can control us. We, of course, have fought all their efforts so far, but if we don’t comply with their demands, they will kill us. That’s why Nico and the guys have taken us to—

Nico: Donni…

Donni: Right. Sorry. That’s why they’re protecting us. We’re in hiding.

Me: Are you safe?

Donni: I’m with Nico. Of course I’m safe.

Me: (I smile. She’s nothing if not loyal. And besotted.) How is this story different from the others?

Donni: The saga keeps progressing. We’re learning more about the enemy and more about what the guys can do. For example, in addition to the regular powers the Brothers all have and the green dagger powers that Nico wields, we found out that he can also—

Nico: Donni!

Donni: Sorry! I just get so excited when I think about how you—

Nico: Okay. That’s enough. Log off.

Me: Aw, come on, Nico. She didn’t reveal anything important. And I still have a bunch of questions I want to ask.

Donni: He doesn’t look happy, but he nodded that I can continue. I just have to be more careful about what I say.

Me: I understand. What about the big bad in this book? What can you tell us?

Donni: Well, we finally learn who’s behind everything. You won’t believe— I’m getting the look again. Let’s just say the revelation floored me. And, in addition to him, we still have his henchmen to contend with. It’s really not safe out there.

Me: But you’re safe where you are?

Donni: Unequivocally.

Me: You said the revelation floored you. Any other big reveals you can hint at?

Nico: No.

Donni: No. I guess not. Let’s just say everything is amped up in this story, and it’s all leading to one doozy of a finale.

Me: I know. Coz and Toni really have me captivated with the series wrap-up.

Nico: Troilo! That’s enough. Now you’re not just revealing too much about our story, you’re jumping ahead in the series!

Me: Sorry! I won’t do it again.

Nico: You’re right. You won’t. Because you’re done. Log off, Don. Or I’ll cut the connection myself.

Me: (sighs) I guess we’re done then, Donni.

Donni: Yeah. I guess so. It was nice catching up. Let’s not wait so long to talk next time.

Me: Agreed. Maybe if you’re in Pittsburgh, we can do lunch.

Donni: I’d love that. When I’m—sorry, Nico’s cutting me—

Well, I guess Nico was tired of monitoring every word Donni said. Seems there’s a lot going on in the third installment of the series. I do hope everyone stays safe. It sounds pretty dangerous… wherever they are.

So, that was my chat with Donni Notaro of the Medici Protectorate Series’ Body Armor. I know she had a lot more to say. If Nico hadn’t been watching her, she really could have dropped some juicy details.

Body Armor will release soon. Until then, if Nico and Donni prompted any questions or opinions, let me know and I’ll try to be as open as possible (without compromising their safety, of course).

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    • Thanks, Mae. I’d join you in the happy dance, but I’m too tired. I’ll tap my foot to the tempo, though, and watch you get your groove on.

      I’m so glad you love these characters enough to be so excited. That means more to me than you know.

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