Meet the Character: Nico Micelli

Body Armor CoverThe third installment of the Medici Protectorate series, Body Armor, will be releasing soon.

Because of that, I thought those of you unfamiliar with the characters and the series might like an introduction to the hero we follow in the story.

(Those of you who know the series already know him well, but after you read this post, you’ll know him even better.)


Name: Dominico (Nico) Micelli

Hair: Dark blond/light brown, short

Eyes: Hazel

Height: 6’2”

Build: Muscular. Like, really, really muscular.

Occupation: Vice President of Information Technology at MDH

Quirks: Can talk fast when his mind is racing, peppering his brothers and others with a litany of questions delivered in such rapid succession, they can’t possibly all be answered.


I hate all forms of video conferencing, but Nico has refused to reveal his location. (He knows I don’t have the tech skills to trace his location to wherever he’s  from.) He and the Brotherhood are in hiding, and even though I’m intimately familiar with the Protectorate and the Notaro family, he won’t let us meet face-to-face.

I stare into my screen, a cup of coffee beside me and a sheet of paper with hastily jotted notes in my lap. Nico didn’t give me time to properly prepare, and I’m a little frazzled.

When his gorgeous face appears, I’m a lot frazzled.

Nico: I’ll give you five minutes. Go.

Me: Oh! No time for pleasantries. Okay. Um… nope, I just can’t start that way. Hi, Nico. It’s been a while. How are you?

Nico: How am I? (His eyebrow pops up and his mouth quirks, but he doesn’t actually laugh aloud. Thank God.) As well as can be expected, thank you.

Me: Good to hear.

Nico: (waits a beat, smirks) So, clock’s tickin’, Stace.

Me: Right. Sorry. So, you guys are in hiding.

Nico: Yep.

Me: But you won’t tell me where.

Nico: Nope.

Me: You understand I’m your chronicler, right? I know the story. I’ve written it down to share with the world.

Nico: You might be the scribe, but you only write what we tell you. And I’m not aware of us giving you an address for your GPS.

Me: No. Not in so many words. But descriptions, regions.

Nico: And your readers will get that when they read the story.

Me: Fine. If you won’t talk about where you are, can you talk about what you’re doing?

Nico: You know what we’re doing.

Me: But my readers don’t!

Nico: Isn’t that why they’ll read the book?

Me: (He has me there. I’m still a little shell-shocked over the beauty that is Nico Micelli. He and his brothers really are heart-flutteringly handsome. I’m pretty sure Donni refers to him as a Roman god at one point. And she’s not wrong.) Nico, you’ve got to give the readers something.

Nico: (sighs) Fine. Here’s something. My story starts with a quest.

Me: A quest? You mean, like knights and dragons and damsels?

Nico: No. You’ve already heard the story. Do you remember any dragons?

Me: (I can see my cheeks flame in that tiny window in the corner that shows my face. Ugh.) No. No dragons. Why don’t you explain what you mean?

Nico: (scowling) Think more modern. I’m looking for some… thing. For something dear to the Notaro family. We’ve all be deceived, but I figured it out. And I’m trying to track this thing down before anyone realizes it’s missing.

Me: That’s intriguing. Do you find… it?

Nico: You know what happens.

Me: But the readers don’t.

Nico: Again, they’ll have to read the book. I can’t give the whole story away.

Me: But you’ve barely said anything yet!

Nico: (He shrugs, non-committal.)

Me: Okay, then. Readers are going to want to know about you and Donni. What’s going on there?

Nico: Story starts with us as just friends. Training partners. I’m her protector.

Me: Okay, but then what?

Nico: (glances at watch) Sorry, Stace. That’s your five minutes.

Nico disconnects, and I’m left staring at a blank screen. My silly crush kept me off balance. Bad news was it cost me the opportunity to learn much worth sharing. The good news is I have another chance tomorrow when I interview Donni. I bet she’ll be more forthcoming.

So, that was my chat with Nico Micelli of the Medici Protectorate Series’ Body Armor. I know he wasn’t very forthcoming, but none of the Brotherhood ever is. If your takeaways are that he’s very handsome, very smart, and very closed-lipped about the mission of the Protectorate, then you know pretty much everything about him. Anything else is gravy. And you’ll get a whole lot of that in the novel!

Tune in tomorrow, when I see if I can get Donni to reveal more. In the meantime, if you happen to be a fan of the series or if this interview piqued your interest, let’s talk about it.

12 thoughts on “Meet the Character: Nico Micelli

    • I love them all, too. I have a soft spot for Vinnie, though. And Coz looks a lot like my husband (in my mind) so I have a particular fondness for him. Actually, there’s something I like about all of them, so…

      Anyway, thanks for loving the Brothers. I can’t wait until the release. It’s around the corner now!

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