16 thoughts on “Book Excerpt: Body Armor (Enamored)

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  2. I know this is a spicy series and there’s plenty more heat to happen, but this had lots of sizzle!
    So well done.
    And I’ve negated the FB group for ages. I hope you guys will still be talking to me when I finally make it back there 🙂

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    • Thanks, Mae. This is rather spicy. The other series is virtually heat-less. Well, maybe it’s warm. There’s flirting and a kiss here and there. But it’s not a romance series, and this is. My mystery is a cozy—heat-free. My other PNR is pretty spicy, too, but probably not quite as hot as this.

      I miss you on FB, too, although I’ve hardly been there myself. Too busy, and more to come. I look forward to brainstorming my next series with you guys. And just chatting with you!

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      • Me too! As soon as I get past this deadline, life will return to normal for me and I plan to be more visible online (especially in the FB group). Oooh, and I’m excited you’re writing a cozy. You know how I love mysteries. I can’t wait!

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    • Not “writing” a cozy. “Wrote” one. I actually would have really liked it if I could have followed my original (approved) outline, but it was part of a multi-author series, and an author who went in front of me killed a couple of major characters that factored heavily in my novel. I had to revise on the fly and change a bunch of things, and, well, long story short, it’s not the novel I wanted. By a mile. It’s still cozy, though. My favorite part of it is the banter between the two sisters. (You know me and banter!)

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      • Oh, I thought you had a new one in the works. I enjoyed that story (and the banter) though I know you had reservations about it. I can see where it would be restrictive taking part in a multi-author series,, especially if you have to deviate from the tale you want to tell.

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    • Yeah. That was an interesting project. I thought it would be beneficial to me to get a writing credit under my belt (that was my first published work), but that was kind of a difficult way to do it. I’m not sure I’d recommend that process to other beginners.

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