Short Fiction: The Case of the Disappearing Socks

Okay, this is a HUGE departure from my typical fiction, but recently Mae Clair told me I hadn’t posted any pet pictures in a while, so I’m combining a picture of Max (sorry it’s blurry, but he almost never stays still in front of the camera) and a silly little “story” to go with it. Enjoy.

She put them in the laundry in pairs, but when they came out of the dryer, they were singles. Where did the socks go?

The suspects:

  • The husband. Did he leave singles on the floor, not using the hamper properly? (Yes.)
  • The son. Did he take socks out of the laundry, trying to drive his mom crazy? (Possibly. Sounds like something he’d do for a laugh.)
  • The daughter. Did she wear mismatched socks as a fashion statement, making the laundry uneven from the very beginning? (Unfortunately, she did. Often.)

But after investigating, the truth was finally revealed to be none of them… the perp was caught red-handed with the evidence.

Or is that red-pawed?

Max with socks

This post inspired by the WordPress daily prompt: Pest.

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22 thoughts on “Short Fiction: The Case of the Disappearing Socks

  1. He’s adorable! Used to have a cat that would drag my t-shirts and yoga pants through the house. Accused everyone else of doing it, until I passed him in the hallway with the pants in his mouth. So weird.

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    1. Our furry friends certainly have unique personalities, don’t they?

      That’s so funny that you were accusing your family of moving your stuff. My kids would think I was crazy. “Why would I touch your yoga pants, Mom?” But stuff goes missing here all the time… stuff too big for the sock thieves to take. Someone’s moving stuff somewhere. (We often blame Casper.)


    1. Girls… we do have our moments, don’t we?

      My daughter (as you’ve probably noticed from my constant bragging) is a bit of an exercise-obsessed athlete. Her latest “interesting” fashion statement is through the clothes she chooses to wear to the gym or on a run.

      I’m going to miss her like crazy when she’s at college, but I’m not going to miss seeing those outfits. (Well, maybe I will.)

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  2. YAY! I adored this! Not only do I get a cute pup pic, but I get a thoroughly clever fic in the bargain. Thanks for indulging my whim. This goes down as one of my favorites.

    And Max is a cute thief πŸ™‚

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    1. It’s already written and ready to go. I’m just waiting to see if the WP daily prompt is applicable before I publish it. I was lucky with Max’s post—it was a bit of a stretch but still kind of relevant. We’ll see about Casey’s, and then we’ll publish.

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  3. Love it. And it’s always good to see a photo of Max! My trouble is that socks disappear with no reason. (My cats don’t take them, so I swear either the washer or dryer eats them!)

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    1. Thanks, Joan.

      And seriously, since my dogs aren’t at your house, consider the laundry gnomes! (That’s my standard answer. I have to buy my family new socks far too often for it to be anything else.)


  4. One of our dogs used to swallow my son’s baby socks whole. You can guess how I eventually discovered that.
    He’s been gone a while, but we still seem to lose socks.

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    1. Well, that’s… vivid! I’m sorry you had to discover it THAT way. I’m sorry he’s gone now.

      And I’m convinced it’s the dryer. Or laundry gnomes. We’re always losing socks, even when we make sure our dogs don’t get to them. (Maybe that’s one reason I’m usually barefoot at home. Less laundry strife.)


    2. My sock drawer (when my daughter hasn’t rooted through it for her own nefarious purposes) is organized in rainbow order.

      I have a bit of a sickness, I think. πŸ˜‰


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